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(This article expired 19.01.2014 / 14:00.)

Accommodation for long-term stays is governed by Section 100 (d) of Act No. 326/1999 Coll., on Stay of Aliens in the Territory of the Czech Republic, as amended, in conjunction with Section 53 (4) (a) and with the second sentence of Section 53 (4) of the Decree of the Ministry for Regional Development No. 137/1998 Coll., on general technical requirements for construction, as amended. According to these legal provisions, the minimum floor area must be as follows:

  • 8 square metres for the accommodation of one person;
  • 12.6 square metres for the accommodation of two persons;
  • if more than two persons are accommodated in the same room, 12.6 square metres plus 5 square metres for each additional accommodated person.

If the accommodation does not fulfil these criteria, proof of accomodation will be considered to be lacking. This condition does not apply to Schengen (short-term) visas.