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Where should I lodge a visa application?


If you are not a citizen of a state in which you intend to lodge your visa application, or if you do not hold the passport or permanent or long-term residence permit in this state, check where you are eligible to lodge your visa application in the chapter “Local competency of diplomatic missions in processing applications for visas andresidence permits”.

Nationals of states not listed in the chapter “Local competency of diplomatic missions in processing applications for visas and residence permits” may apply for a Schengen (short-term) visa, long-term visa, or long-term or permanent residence permit at any diplomatic mission of the Czech Republic.

The following diplomatic missions are competent to issue a Schengen (short-term) visa:

Diplomatic mission

  1. in which the only or main purpose of visit is located;
  2. in which the main purpose of visit is located (for example if travelling for a conference to one state and along the way visit two additional states for tourism, apply at the diplomatic mission of the state where the conference takes place);
  3. in which the stay will be the longest compared to other states;
  4. whose borders you will cross in order to enter the Schengen area provided the main destination cannot be determined by one of the above.

If the diplomatic mission is not competent to accept the application, it is entitled to refer you to a different appropriate diplomatic mission.


Information about granting or refusal of visa applications is provided to applicants solely by diplomatic missions. Telephone inquiries about decisions to issue or reject a visa application or about grounds for rejection of a visa application are not answered by diplomatic missions.