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Frequently asked questions


Where is system VISAPOINT used?

At present, system VISAPOINT is used at the consulates in Russian Federation, Albania, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, China, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Serbia, Thailand, Uzbekistan, Vietnam, Moldova, Turkey, Macedonia, Ukraine, Nigeria, Jordan, United Arab Emirates, Philippines, Azerbaijan, Libya, Egypt and Indonesia.

For which residence permits is system VISAPOINT being used?

System VISAPOINT can be used for registration to submit all kinds of residence permits (i.e. Schengen visa, long-term visa, long-term residence permit, permanent residence permit, transfer of a visa sticker into a new travel document). Some of the consulates use system VISAPOINT for only some of the residence permits or only some of the purposes of the residence permits. On the first page of the registration, a list of available residence permit that require registration for submitting the application is available (after choosing the consulate where the application will be lodged).

What technical requirements of the PC need to be fulfilled?

Minimal requirements for the system Visapoint2:

  • Generally, system Visapoint2 was designed in order to be used in all current browsers. It was tested on Internet Explorer 8 and 9, Google Chrome 10 and Mozilla Firefox 4 and higher ones.
  • The system should work in most of the modern mobile equipment (iPad, Android tablets etc.). This was tested on Google Chrome in the system Android 3. In regard to a broad variety and specificity of these browsers, 100% functionality cannot be guaranteed.
  • For a proper functioning of the system, the PC must enable javascript.
  • The system verifies reading and approving of the conditions by sending “season” cookie. That is why the applicants must have at least “season” cookies enabled. (“Season” cookies are cookies that are valid only within one relation, e.g. are deleted automatically when the PC is turned off. This is the difference comparing to the persistent cookies that stay in the PC for the period of their validity, regardless of turning off the PC. Persistent cookies are not used in the client/user’s part of the system. 
  • Users must enable displaying pictures; otherwise it will not be possible to accept the captcha code as a verification of the reservation.
  • Technologies as Java, Flash, AciveX are not used within the system; that is why they are not required. In future only W3C standard will be used: HTML3.

In order to register in the VISAPOINT system it is necessary to possess an e-mail address where the confirmation of the registration is sent. If the registration is not confirmed in 60 minutes time then is available for the next applicant.  

Can more than 1 applicant submit the application based on one registration?

For every application, a separate registration must be done; it is not possible to submit more applications based on one registration. One person can register up to 5 appointments a day.

Do I have to make the registration in the system VISAPOINT personally?

Registration in the system can be done by another person, e.g. inviting person, legal representative etc. It is, however, recommended that the applicants make the registration by themselves.

Ministry of foreign affairs does not cooperate with any external subject and cannot make any registrations in the name of the applicant; registration can be done only by the applicant or person empowered by the applicant.

How am I to make the registration?

At first, it is necessary to fill in the registration form in the system. Please be aware of the fact that by filling the “captcha code” at the end of registration form the appointment is not complete. After sending the captcha code to the system, a registration request is being sent to the system and number of the application is automatically generated. Following this, confirmation code is sent to the e-mail of the applicant. It is necessary to confirm the registration by filling in the confirmation code received by e-mail within one hour. The registration that was not confirmed in this way, will be available for other applicants.

Is a control of the registration carried out before submitting the application?

Before submitting the application, consulate carries out a control of the registrations. Only after this control the application is received. In case the appointment is registered for another date or purpose of residence permit, the application is not received.

Where can a verification of my registration be done?

The registration of the appointment can be verified by e-mail of the consulate where the application will be submitted. The e-mail is can be found in the registration form.

Will an application made for another purpose of residence permit be received?

Appointment that is made for another purpose of stay than the application submitted, will not be received. Every applicant needs to make a registration for the purpose he/she wants to submit the application for. All other relevant information needs to be stated (in case other identification data will be registered, the application will not be received as well).

What am I to do if the system does not offer free slots?

In case system VISAPOINT is fully booked, the information “We are sorry, but no free slots are available. Try to register later”. This situation can appear in consulates where limited reception of the application is guaranteed by the Government decision No. 1205/2009 (Uzbekistan, Moldova, Vietnam, Mongolia, Ukraine) or in seasonal peaks when the number of applications can temporarily increase beyond the capacity of the consulate. System VISAPOINT is working as electronic office hours and is set based on the capacity of the consulates or by the Government’s decision (see above).

Based on the fact that system VISAPOINT allows to register appointments only 30 days ahead the date of registration (system VISAPOINT automatically releases free slots for registrations couple of times a week), it is necessary to control the system regularly in case no free slots are available.

Is it possible to submit the application without prior registration in the system VISAPOINT?

At consulates where system VISAPOINT was introduced, it is not possible to submit the visa application without the registration. The exception is done in cases of transfer of the visa sticker to the new travel documents and application of family members of the EU citizens.

Do I need to pay a fee for the registration?

The registration is free of charge !!