Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic

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Blue card, green card


Blue Card

The Blue Card enables the holder to reside in the territory of the Czech Republic on a long-term basis for the purpose of employment in a position requiring a high level of professional skill. The Blue Card is a combined residence and working permit – the holder does not need a separate working permit.

Additional information on the Blue Card project is available here.

Green card

Green card is a long-term residence permit with the purpose of employment in the territory of the Czech Republic in special cases. A foreign national who was issued a green card for a particular job is entitled to stay and for at the position for which the card was issued. There are three types of green card:  Green card type A is issued for employees with qualified employees with university degree and key personnel, type B is issued for positions requiring at least primary level of education, type C is issued to other employees.

Green cards are issued only to nationals of certain countries.

More information about green cards can be found here.