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Photo: Milan Řepka (MZV)
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G8 Foreign Ministers’ Summit called upon Iran to respect fundamental human rights and the freedom of expression


The Ministers of Foreign Affairs of economically strongest nations allied in G 8 Group called upon Tehran today to comply with the fundamental human rights and the freedom of expression according to the international agreements which Iran ratified.

2009/06/26 Jan Kohout na setkání států G8Regarding the treatment of Iranian crisis after the elections, G8 Ministers further emphasized the need to lead a democratic dialogue. The President of the Council of Ministers of Foreign Affairs of the EU and Deputy Prime Minister of the Czech Government Jan Kohout said so after the first part of today's G8 Ministers' meeting.

The G8 Foreign Ministers' meeting started yesterday with a working dinner, the main topics being the fight against terrorism, non-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and the impact of the environment, economic and social aspects of general destabilisation.

Ministers, who will discuss until Saturday 27 June primarily the possibilities of regional development of Afghanistan and Pakistan, will open an expert conference today aimed at the geographic context of Afghanistan, especially in relation to the regional cooperation in science and culture.

Czech Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Jan Kohout flew in to the meeting of economically strongest nations directly from the working visit of Israel and Palestinian Autonomous Territories.

Milan Řepka
MFA of Czech Republic