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Judge Robert Fremr was elected to the International Criminal Court


On 13 December 2011, the Czech judge Dr. Robert Fremr was elected to the International Criminal Court. The elections were held at the Assembly of State Parties of the Rome Statute of this Court in New York.

The judge Fremr was already elected in the second round of these elections in which he received 77 votes. There were nominated 19 candidates for 6 vacancies of judges. For the time being, the candidates of Philippines and Trinidad and Tobago were elected beside the judge Fremr.

The judge Fremr belongs to the leading Czech experts on criminal law and international crimal law. He worked i.a. as a judge of International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda for several years.

The International Criminal Court is a permanent international judicial institution responsible for prosecution of war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide. The Czech Republic became the State Party of the Rome Statute in 2009. At the present time, already 120 states joined the ICC Rome Statute. In particular, the International Criminal Court now deals with crimes committed in Africa, for example in Democratic Republic of Congo, Darfur in Sudan and in Libya.

Thus, the Czech diplomacy continues in its active policy in international organizations after the Czech Republic being elected to the United Nations Human Rights Council in May 2011. The election of the Czech candidate which is the result of more than one year lasting election campaign confirms further significant involvement of Czech experts in the field of international law. In November 2011, the Czech diplomacy achieved also the election of Professor Pavel Šturma to the United Nations International Law Commission.