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Symposium The Lion and the Eagle: Czech-American Relations through the Eyes of Envoys

Date: 07.10.2011 , Venue: Prague, Czernin Palace

On Friday, October 7, 2011 a symposium of current and former Czech and Czechoslovak Ambassadors in the U.S. and their American counterparts will be held in Czernin Palace, the seat of the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The ambassadors will discuss the past, present and future of Czech-U.S. and transatlantic relations and include also some of their personal memories. They will primarily jointly search for ways how to sustain and reinforce the close mutual relationship between both countries for the future. The symposium is organised by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Upon invitation by Foreign Minister Karel Schwarzenberg, five Czech and five U.S. Ambassadors will participate (sorted by timeline): William H. Luers (1983–1986), Michael Žantovský (1992–1997), Alexandr Vondra (1997–2001), John Shattuck (1998–2000), Martin Palouš (2001–2005), Craig Robert Stapleton (2001–2003), William J. Cabaniss (2003–2006), Petr Kolář (2005–2010), Norman L. Eisen and Petr Gandalovič (from 2011).

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