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Černínský palác ze zahrady
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Statement of the MFA to the Temporary Closing of the Embassy in Tripoli


Due to the deteriorating security situation in Libya, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic has decided to temporarily close down the Embassy in Tripoli. The Embassy staff returned to Prague on Thursday, 31 July, 2014. The Libyan capital has recently witnessed concentrated armed clashes between competing militias, which have paralysed the international airport. The fighting can easily spill over to other city districts, too. In spite of the fact the Embassy staff and the Embassy as such have not been targeted so far, the risks they would be exposed to in the near future are numerous and real.

The Czech citizens who permanently reside in the country and are in touch with the Embassy have been informed in advance and were offered assistance with their departure from the country, should they want it.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs refers to the valid travel advice and points out that under the circumstances, it is not recommended to travel to any part of Libya. Since the Embassy is temporarily closed, consular assistance provided to the Czech citizens will be very limited. In case of emergency, we recommend to contact the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Cairo, Egypt.