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Lubomír Zaorálek
Photo: (@MZV)
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Minister Zaorálek Protests to the Russian Ambassador on Steps Taken in Ukraine


Minister of Foreign Affairs Lubomir Zaoralek summoned the Russian Ambassador Sergey Borisovich Kiselev at Cernin Palace on 2 March. Minister Zaoralek stated that he considers the steps taken by Russia towards Crimea and other Ukranian regions absolutely inadequate and agressive.

The use of military force against a sovereign neighbouring country, approved by the upper chamber of the Russian parliament, is absolutely baseless step grossly contravening the principles of the Organisation for Security and Cooperaion in Europe and gravely violating the UN Charter and the 1994 Budapest Memorandum comminting Russia, United States and the United Kingdom to respect Ukranian independence and sovereignty.

The minister of Foreign Affairs stressed the Czech Republic's support to Ukraine's territorial integrity and called on Russia to come to the negotiating table, recall its troops from Crimea and refrain from provocations that destabilize the situation in the region and can lead to bloodshed.