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The Czech Republic Decides about Antarctica for the First Time


For the first time, the Czech Republic has participated with decision-making competence in the annual 37th Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meeting (ATCM) held in Brazil from 28th April 28 to 7th May, 2014.

Representatives of the Czech Republic´s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Czech Geological Survey and scientific polar community from the Masaryk University in Brno participated in the meeting. State parties praised the Czech Republic for fulfilling the commitment arising from the consultative status, i.e. approving all current recommendations and measures adopted by ATCM since 1961. And thus the Czech Republic has acquired an equal position with other consultative parties.

Last year, the Czech Republic as a State Party to the Antarctic Treaty received a higher institutional status, i.e. consultative status, which confers a State Party the right to participate in decision-making about Antarctica and its future. This full-fledged position is granted only to states that conduct substantial scientific research in Antarctica, such as establishing a scientific station or dispatching a scientific expedition.


Czech delegation: f. l. Zdenek Venera (Czech Geological Survey), Martina Smuclerova (Ministry of Foreign Affairs), Daniel Nyvlt (CGS), Pavel Kapler (Masaryk University).

On 23th April, 2014, the Czech Government adopted a resolution No. 284 imposing on ministries and state institutions a duty to take necessary measures to comply with and implement the Antarctic legal instruments, such as protection of environment, regulation of tourism or scientific research in Antarctica.

The Czech Republic has carried out Antarctic research since 1994 and since 2006 has operated aJohann Gregor Mendel Station scientific base located on James Ross Island. Until last year the Czech Republic was the only state that operated its own polar base without enjoying the Consultative Status.

In 2013, the Czech Republic became the 29th state to join the group of decision-makers within the Antarctic Treaty System.