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Travelling with Your Pet

Travelling with your pet to the Czech Republic – what you need to know for non-commercial movements

The Czech State Veterinary Service requires that each pet animal (dogs, cats and ferrets) over the age of 12 weeks must have:

  1. A properly filled in European Community pet passport (obtained from your vet).
  2. A valid rabies vaccination (if vaccinated for the first time must be done a minimum of 21 days before travel).
  3. An identification microchip (ISO 11784 or ISO 11785 can only be used)
  4. Pets under 12 weeks do not require a rabies vaccination but the owner must in addition:
  • Provide a declaration from the breeder that the animal has not had any contact with any wild animals and that they have remained in the same place (in the territory of the UK & NI) i.e that they were not exposed to the threat of rabies by contact with free roaming animals.
  • The declaration must have an address, be signed and dated by the breeder. This should be in English and Czech – this does not have to be an official Czech translation.
  • The vet must provide a letter stating that the required clinical tests have been performed on the young animals and that they are fit and healthy to travel. The clinical test should not be done sooner than 24 hours before their departure i.e the clinical test is performed the day before travel.
  • The vet should also state the following information about the animals: (1) pet passport number(s), (2) place and date of birth.

Further information from the State Veterinary Service on the following website:


For information on bringing your pet back to the UK see the following website: