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Visa over 90 days - STUDENTS

How to apply for a student visa for a stay over 90 days.

Applicants intending to study in the Czech Republic for a period exceeding 90 days have the following options:

  1. Apply for a long-term student visa with a Czech embassy or consulate, which will be issued for the maximum period of 6 months. If the study program requires a stay exceeding 6 months, you will need to submit an application for a long-term residence in the Czech Republic with a regional office of the Ministry of the Interior during your stay on student visa not earlier than 90 days and not later than 14 days before the visa expires.
  2. Alternatively, if you stay for more than 6 months, you can apply with a Czech embassy of consulate for a long-term residence permit. You will be issued a single-entry visa with the validity of 60 days to enable you to enter the Czech Republic to pick up the residency permit at the regional office of the Ministry of the Interior, (within 3 days upon entry) .


  • Student visas are only issued by Czech Embassies and Consulates General located outside of the territory of the Czech Republic, applicants must wait for their applications to be processed.
  • A student visa can only be issued by the same Embassy and Consulate General where the application was submitted.
  • You must be present in the UK at the end of the application process when the visa is issued into your passport.
  • We don't accept the passports mailed from the Czech Republic and we don't ship them to the Czech Republic!
  • Prior to your visit of the Embassy of the Czech Republic in London, please arrange an appointment by email: visa.london@embassy.mzv.cz.
  • A long-stay visa (i.e. a visa for a stay of longer than 90 days) is issued for duration of stay of a maximum of 6 months.
  • A long term visa allows its holder to stay in other Schengen states for the period of three months during half year period for the whole validity of the visa.


  • All visas have to be approved by the Czech Ministry of Interior.
  • Therefore, the processing time is approximately 60 days from the date the Embassy receives the fully completed application and is only applicable to a university or a school with the accredited study programs.
  • The processing time of 90 days is applicable to a university or a school without the accredited study programs.
  • The Embassy recommends the applicants submit their applications on time.
  • Please understand that the Embassy is not able to speed up the process!


Fee paid in cash. Exact Visa Fees.


We regret that the Consulate cannot provide translation services. However, all the submitted documents must be officially translated into the Czech language. Translations made by the translators in the UK stated at the end of the article do not need to be further verified by the Czech Embassy. Always ask for translation done by an appointed Czech court translator who will verify translation by an official seal.



  • Please read carefully as incomplete applications will be immediately returned or the process will be delayed.
  • All documents must be presented in their original form or as a notarized copy (the photocopies of all documentation must be submitted as well).
  • No documents (except for your passport) may be older than 180 days.

1. Completed visa application form

  • The form must be filled out completely with your full name as it appears in your passport. Please do not forget to sign the application.


2. Two (2) same recent passport photographs.

3. Original passport and a copy of data page (the one with your picture) of the passport

  • You must submit your original passport with a validity exceeding the intended stay by at least 3 months with at least 2 blank pages.
  • If you need your passport during the processing time, than the passport can be returned to you.
  • The passport must be resubmitted at the end of the application process for the issuance of the visa after the Embassy has received the approval from the Czech authorities.

4. Document confirming sufficient financial resources

  • a copy of a credit/debit card  (Visa, Mastercard...) held in your name with a validity for at least the duration of your stay in the Czech Republic + credit/debit card original bank statement (or an original letter from the bank with a notarized translation into Czech). In case of internet banking printouts, a bank stamp confirming the authenticity is requested. You may cover the credit card number before you make a copy of it but don't cover the validity. It is not necessary to submit a copy of both sides of the card. A copy of the front side is sufficient;


  • a letter from a host or sponsor confirming the support of the applicant during his or her stay in the Czech Republic. It must be an original document with a notarized signature and presented with an official translation in the Czech language. Example: A parental letter confirming the financial situation of the student must be translated into the Czech language and notarized. Such letter must be accompanied by a bank statement of the parent (original or printout stamped by the bank). The student must provide proof of drawing funds while in the Czech Republic, for example ownership of a banking card linked to this account.
  • A student currently receiving a scholarship must provide a confirmation of such scholarship.

*GENERALLY, the minimum amount of financial resources required for a person over 18 years of age is 30 300 CZK for 1 month of stay + 4040 CZK for each whole month of expected stay. So for a 4 month stay it would be 30 300 +16 160 = 46 460 CZK (approximately 1579 GBP, the amount in GBP depends on the rate CZK/GBP). Persons younger than 18 years submit a proof of financial means equaling to a half of the required amount.

5. Document confirming the purpose of stay

  • The original or a copy (notarized by a Czech notary) of a document certifying acceptance into a study program in the Czech Republic issued by a Czech university or school.
  • This document must be in the Czech language.

6. Document confirming accommodation

  • The original or a copy (notarized by a Czech notary) of a document issued by a Czech university or school confirming accommodation for the duration of your studies - this document must be in the Czech language.
  • If you are staying in private accommodations, the original statement from the owner of an apartment/house stating his/her ability and willingness to provide accommodation (signature must be notarized by a Czech notary);
  • If you are leasing an apartment/house, the original or a notarized copy of the lease contract;
  • If you are subletting, the original or a notarized copy of the lease contract and an affidavit signed by the owner confirming the sublet (signature must be notarized by a Czech notary).

7. Criminal History Background

For any other students applies the following:

  • Extract from the Criminal Register of the country of your citizenship.
  • In addition, if you have lived in any country for 6 months or longer in the previous three years, you are required to submit a CriminalHistory Background issued by that country.
  • It must be appropriately certified (Apostille or super-legalization). For more information click on our web pages.
  • This does not apply, if you were younger than 15 years of age.
  • IMPORTANT! The Criminal History Records must be translated to the Czech language;


Indian Criminal Register Record to be recognized by the Czech authorities must be sealed with Apostille issued in India by Ministry of External affairs in New Delhi and officially translated into Czech.

The UK Criminal Record issued by ACPO Criminal Records Office must be sealed with Apostille by Foreign and Commonwealth Office in Milton Keynes and further officially translated into Czech.

The Nigerian Criminal Register Record musthave superlegalisation (with two stamps):
 -one stamp from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Nigeria;
- one stamp from the Czech Embassy in Nigeria.

8. Medical health/travel insurance

Please note: The students under Erasmus Mundus program are exempted from submitting health/travel insurance.

More information about mediacal insurance

The insurance is presented on collection of the visa.



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