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Student Visa

Student Visa



For the student visa information link click here

As visas are only issued by Czech Embassies/Consulates abroad, applicants must wait for their applications to be processed. A visa can be issued only by the Embassy/Consulate in the country where the application submitted the application.. You cannot apply for a visa in the US and pick it up in Europe or in the Czech Republic.You must be present in the US at the end of the application process when the student visa is issued into your passport!!!

WHERE TO APPLY - please click HERE

This is an important step as sending the application to the wrong office will automaticaly result in it being forwarded to the right Consulate and will delay the processing time.

WARNING: Please come in time to process your visa application, we are open from 9:30 am. The last applicant will be accept no later than fifteen minutes before closing time. For opening hours - click HERE.


As visas are only issued by Czech Embassies/Consulates abroad, applicants must wait for their applications to be processed. A visa can be issued only by the Embassy/Consulate in the country where the application was submitted. You cannot apply for a visa in the US and pick it up in Europe or in the Czech Republic.You must be present in the US at the end of the application process when the student visa is issued into your passport.


  • All visas have to be approved by the Czech Immigration Police.
  • Therefore, the processing time is approximately 60 days from the date the Consulate General receives the fully completed application and is only applicable to a university or a school with the accredited study programs.
  • The processing time of 90 days is applicable to a university or a school without the accredited study programs.
  • Therefore, the Consulate General recommends that applicants send their applications at least 3 or 4 months in advance of their intended departure from the U.S.
  • Please understand that the Embassy/Consulate is not able to speed up the process!


For processing fee - click HERE. Fees paid in cash(exact cash please!!!) or money order should be made payable to the Consulate of the Czech Republic in Los Angeles. We do not accept personal checks. The fee may change without prior notice.


Please note,  there is no application fee for those who get a written confirmation from a school recorded in the Register of Schools and School Facilities and Studies under the accredited study programs of higher education institutions in the Czech Republic.


Read carefully as incomplete applications will be returned back to the sender and the process will bedelayed.

All documents must be presented in their original form or as a notarized copy.
No documents (except your passport) may be older than 180 days.


1. Completed visa application form

  • To download the application form please click HERE, the form must be filled out completely.
  • Do not use red ink to complete the application.
  • Do not forget to sign the application in the place indicated at the bottom of the fifth page.
  • Do not forget to include your phone number and e-mail address for the future communication.
  • The additional copy of the application is required

2. Two (2) recent passport photographs

  • Of the applicant's entire face as to show a clear and exact likeness of the applicant (i.e. without sunglasses or a head cover, unless worn for religious or medical reasons). The photo must be taken against a plain, light background with a good contrast in color. It must be of clear and good quality and printed on regular photographic paper.

3. Original passport and 2 copies of data-photo page of the passport

  • You must submit your original passport or official travel document recognized by the Schengen countries with a validity exceeding the intended stay of the applicant by at least 3 months.
  • Make sure that the passport has a blank page so that the visa can be affixed to it.
  • If you need your passport during the processing time, please send a request with your application as well as a stamped envelope so that the passport can be returned to you. The passport must be resubmitted at the end of the application process for the issuance of the visa after the Consulate has received the approval from the Czech authorities. During this time, you must be present in the US.

4. Document confirming sufficient financial resources

*IMPORTANT! The minimum funds are specified by law, which says that for a stay exceeding 30 days, it is 15 times the existential minimum (15 * 2020,- CZK)  as a basis plus 2 times the existential minimum for every month of stay (2 * 2020,- CZK * number of months). So for a 4 month stay it would be (15*2020,- CZK) + (2*2020,- CZK*4) = 30 300,- + 16 160,- = 46 460,- CZK = 3 000,- USD. Please note that the existential minimum is established by law (Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs) and changes every year.

All applicants have to enclose:

·        the copy of their internationally accepted credit or debit card - doesn’t have to be notarized, if they apply personally and have the card on them, the Consulate will compare it to the copy and make note of it. If not, copy of the card has to be notarized,


·        the bank statement of the bank with bank license in the Czech Republic showing available means in the account of the card holder. If the account is not in the name of the applicant, he/she must provide proof that his/her card is linked to that account. The bank statement can be in English and any confirmations by the bank could be in English as well,


·         a letter from a host or sponsor (parents must also submit the recent bank account statement confirming that the applicant has be financially supported during his/her stay in the Czech Republic). The submitted letter must be the original with notarized signature and presented with an official translation into the Czech language.

5. Document confirming the purpose of stay

  • The original or a notarized copy of a document certifying acceptance into a study program issued by a Czech university or school (this document must be in the Czech language.)
  • additional copy is required

6. Document confirming the accommodation

  • an original statement from the owner of an apartment/house stating his/her ability and willingness to provide applicant´s accommodation for the time of stay (signature must be notarized by a Czech notary),


  •   in the case of a lease for an apartment/house - the original or a notarized copy of the lease contract,


  •    in the case of a sublet - the original or a notarized copy of the lease contract and an affidavit signed by the owner confirming the sublet (signature must be notarized by a Czech notary).

7. Criminal History Background

  • An Affidavit confirming that you have never been convicted and sentenced for a felony of any kind. For the form (in PDF format) click here.

The affidavit must be signed in front of the consular officer or in fornt of Notary Public. Please state your full name including your middle name. No further verification is required.

In addition, if you have lived in any other country for 6 months or longer during previous three years, you are required to submit a Criminal History Background issued by that country. It must be appropriatelly certified (Apostille or super-legalization). This does not apply, if you were younger than 15 years of age.

For non US nationals only. Submit Criminal History Record from the country of your nationality. Itmust be appropriatelly certified (Apostille or super-legalization).This does not apply, if you are younger than 15 years of age.

IMPORTANT: The Criminal History Records must be translated into the Czech language and the translation has to be verified.

  • additional copy is required

8. Medical health/travel insurance

New requirements for the proof of travel health insurance from 2011

that meets the following criteria:

  • covers costs associated with necessary and urgent health care, including the costs associated with transportation, including mortal remains in the event of death, and such insurance must not exclude providing an insurance payment in the case of accident caused by a wilful act, negligence or contributory negligence of the insured, even as a result of drinking alcohol, taking narcotics or psychotropic drugs by the insured
  • the amount of the insurance payment limit must be at least EUR 60.000
  • cover the entire period of your stay in the Schengen area and cover the entire territory of the Schengen area
  • without participation of an insured foreigner
  • copy of a document confirming the coverage outside the US (a copy of the contract or a letter from the insurance company)
  • If a foreign national submits the application abroad, the travel health insurance can be taken out not only at an insurance company authorized to provide such insurance in the Territory of the Czech Republic, but also at an insurance company which is entitled to provide such insurance in the other member states of the European Union and/or in a state which is bound by the Treaty on the European Economic Area (Iceland, Lichtenstein, Norway), or in a state where the foreign national is a citizen or where he/she has a permitted residence.
  • In such cases, the foreign national is obliged to submit an officially authenticated translation of the insurance policy and general insurance terms and conditions to Czech together with the proof of travel health insurance.
  • Upon request, he/she shall also submit a proof of the payment of insurance premium for the whole term of required stay in the Territory.

For more information please click HERE

  • additional copy is required

9. Visa pick up

  • In person during opening hours
  • By mail (please enclose a pre-paid, self-addressed, over-night envelope (for future tracking, we suggest keeping the registration number).
  • Agent (authorizing letter is reguired with notarized signature)
  • We only accept mail services such as EXPRESSMAIL (we only accept Flat Rate Envelope with the post stamps in the amount of $18.30 - for more information please click here) or FEDEX, UPS (for future tracking, we suggest keeping the registration number of the envelope).
  • We don't accept the passports mailed from the Czech Republic and we don't ship them to the Czech Republic!
  • The Consulate General is not responsible for lost ordamaged documentation.

Send the complete application to:
Consulate General of the Czech Republic
10990 Wilshire Boulevard
Suite 1100
Los Angeles, CA 90024

Consulate does not accept any responsibility for lost or damaged documentation.