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international labour organization

The International Labour organization (ILO) is a United Nations agency dealing with and promoting international labour standards in order to protect and improve working and living conditions.


ILO also provides technical assistance in the fields of social policy, administration and training of work force. It supports cooperation of organizations and the farming industry. ILO is a major provider of labour statistics and carries out research on social problems, unemployment, work and industry linkages and technological development (including automation). Further, it protects the rights of migrant workers.

Adopted in 1998 at the 86th International Labour Conference, the ILO Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work consists of 8 fundamental Conventions in 4 primary fields:

The ILO has a unique tripartite governing structure – representing governments, employers and workers from 185 member states. In 1969 the organization received the Nobel Peace Prize for its work. The headquarters of the organization is in Geneva, Switzerland. In May 2012 Guy Ryder (UK) was elected as the tenth Director-General of the ILO. He began his five-year term in October 2012.

The Czech Republic is a member of the Organization from 1993 and since then it has ratified 71 conventions, including those dealing with human rights. For the period June 2007 – June 2012, the ILO and the Czech Republic signed a Partnership Cooperation Agreement (PCA) with the aim of further supporting the realisation of the Millennium Development Goals.


The Czech Republic has been financing various projects in countries such as Serbia (socially responsible restructuring via social dialogue and social finance), Republic of Moldova (strengthening governance of the labour market through improving design, monitoring and evaluation of gender sensitive employment policies) or Mongolia (promoting livelihoods for persons with disabilities: enhanced skills for employability and policy application).  In 2013 the Czech Republic made a financial contribution (of USD 75 000) to an ILO project on the return of migrants and home country socio-economic development in the Republic of Moldova. Since 2004 more than USD 766 000 (more than 15 million CZK) have been invested.

Useful links: List of Ratifies Conventions and details on the cooperation of the Czech Republic with the ILO.

Czech minister participated at the meeting of ILO

Czech Minister of Labour and Social Affairs Ms. Michaela Marksová-Tominová participated in the high level segment of the 103rd meeting of the International Labour Conference. more ►