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Statement on tolerance and nondiscrimination (OSCE/HDIM)

Statement of the Czech Republic at the OSCE Human Dimension Meeting (Working Session Tolerance and non-discrimination II, Tuesday, September 24, 2013)

The Czech Republic aligns herself with the statement of the European Union.

The Czech Republic attaches the highest importance to the topic of tolerance and nondiscrimination, including the prevention of violence against women and children. In this connection, we very much welcome the possibility to present part of our experience in this area.

In 2011, the Government of the Czech Republic approved the National Action Plan for the Prevention of Domestic Violence for years 2011 to 2014. The Action Plan provides a complex of thirty two measures which should contribute to the effective prevention of domestic violence and ensure an effective support to its victims. It includes several tasks in areas such as support for persons endangered by domestic violence, work with violent persons, education and interdisciplinary cooperation, legislation or research.

The implementation of the Action Plan is monitored by the Committee for the Prevention of Domestic Violence which is an advisory body to the Government Council for Equal Opportunities for Women and Men. Independent experts, representatives of NGOs as well as public servants are represented in the Committee in order to secure its independence and interdisciplinary nature. We consider cooperation with civil society as very helpful to our effort to tackle violence against women.

From this year until 2015, the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs of the Czech Republic will be implementing a project funded by Norway Funds. The project should facilitate the implementation of activities included in the Action Plan. Among others, it will include a media awareness campaign highlighting the unacceptability of domestic violence. In our opinion, it is one of the most important activities within the project because it is necessary to continuously increase public awareness about the intolerability and unacceptability of domestic violence.

We have also entered into partnership with Norwegian NGO named Alternative til Vold which is focused on helping violent persons. We suppose that this cooperation can bring us new experience in the area of work with violent persons, which is not yet so deeply developed in the Czech Republic.

Furthermore, important steps have been taken in the field of legislation. In 2007 the institute of the restraint order was incorporated into the Czech law. The law was followed by the establishment of 18 intervention centres, which provide psychological, legal and social assistance to endangered persons and coordinate interdisciplinary cooperation between various public administration bodies with health-care institutions, courts and regional police forces.

In conclusion, we would like to underline that it is our duty to strive for a world in which women and men are equal and where human rights are not violated.

Thank you for your attention.