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Small Local Development Projects in 2014 – Sri Lanka and Bangladesh

(This article expired 29.11.2013.)

Embassy of the Czech Republic in New Delhi informs all the parties interested about the possibility to submit applications for Small Local Development Projects which in 2014 can take place in Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.

1. Subject

Small Local Projects (“SLPs”) are the development projects financed by the Government of the Czech Republic, identified by the Embassy of the Czech Republic in New Delhi (hereinafter “Embassy”) and after the approval of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic also administrated by the Embassy.

Projects purpose is to support positive changes in the country. The scope of content might vary from equipment supply (for schools, hospitals, training institutions), development activities implementation, educational and training activities, capacity building, environmental protection, agriculture development etc. SLPs should also contribute to visibility of the Czech Republic and improve understanding of the Czech Republic as a donor country. Small local project can be a part of a bigger (e.g. international) project.

2. Competent subjects

SLPs are carried out only by local (Sri Lankan and Bangladeshi) subjects with legal identity in either Sri Lanka and Bangladesh, qualified to realize development cooperation projects (NGOs, cooperatives, administrative-territorial entities, local institutions, local communities etc. working in the areas of education, health, culture, development etc.). There is a need to prove 3 years of existence of applicant’s organization and experience with past cooperation with international donors.

3. Place of realization

SLPs are to be realized in 2014 in Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.

4. Applications and Timeline

4.1. All complete applications must include:

-          Identification form in English, including budget proposal, dully signed and stamped at the end of Identification form,

-          copy of legal identity certificate,

-          certificate of a proposing person to act on behalf of applying institution.

Applications must reach the Embassy no later than 21 November 2013, 4 p.m. in both:

-          hard copy to the following address: Embassy of the Czech Republic, 50-M, Niti Marg, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi 110021, India

-          scanned copy of the application to be sent electronically to email: .

4.2. Successful applicants will be selected by a special committee in the Czech Republic by the end of February 2014, contracts will be signed with successful applicants by the 15st March 2013. The project activities can start only after signing of the contract.

4.3. All project activities have to be concluded and final project and financial report, including the photo documentation, must be delivered to the Embassy of the Czech Republic no later than end of September 2014.

4.4. Final narrative reports have to be submitted no later than one month after the end of project realization, no later than 30th October 2014.

5. Financial support

The maximum financial amount to be allocated for SML in Sri Lanka is max 500 000 CZK (i.e. 23 000 USD) and max 300 000 CZK for Bangladesh (i.e. 13 000 USD). The financial budget must be proposed in CZK only. Financial support will be paid to the institutions only after implementation of the project, in justified cases only a partial payment in advance can be released.

6. Conditions for participation

The applicant must keep prescribed way of submitting a project proposal dully signed and stamped (including the copy of legal identity certificate) and fulfillment of defined criteria. Suitable projects will be selected with respect to their relevance for the country development, efficiency, sustainability, organizational background, reasonability of the budget and professional capacities of the proposing entity in the particular country

7. Conditions for utilization of financial means

7.1. Financial support can be used only for necessary project’s costs.

7.2. Financial support can’t be used for business activities.

7.3. Total personal and travel costs mustn’t exceed 25 % of the total budget.

7.4. There is no juridical right for the applicants to receive the financial support for SLPs. Disapproval is final and binding and there is no possibility to submit a complaint. The Embassy is not obliged to inform about disapproval reasons.

Applications must include duly filled Identification Form including proposed budget. Activities, outcomes and outputs have to be defined and quantified in detail in the identification form.

8. Monitoring

The Embassy has the right to monitor the SLPs during and after the realization.

9. Communication language

Communication language is English.

10. The way of submitting

Deadline: Complete applications (identification form and budget proposal) are to be sent by email by 21 November 2013, 4 p.m. to email: .


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