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"Czech Castles" Exhibition in Red Fort in New Delhi

Date: 07 November 2013 - 12 January 2014, Venue: Quarter Guard Gallery – Red Fort, Delhi

Exhibition “Czech Castles” was inaugurated on 7th November 2013 by Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic Mr. Jan Kohout, Minister of Culture of the Czech Republic Mr. Jiri Balvin and Minister of Culture of India Mrs. Chandresh Kumari Katoch, inaugurating thus also "The Czech - Indo Cultural Year 2014"

The exhibition was officially inaugurated by Mr. Jan Kohout, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic, Mr. Jiri Balvin, Minister of Culture of the Czech Republic and Mrs. Chandresh Kumari Katoch, Minister of Culture of the Republic of India, at Red Fort in Delhi on 07th November, 2013.

The exhibition of 37 most interesting castles and chateaux of Bohemia and Moravia is organized by the National Museum of the Czech Republic and the Embassy of the Czech Republic, New Delhi, in collaboration with the Archaeological Survey of India and the Ministry of Culture of India.Czech Castle architecture is an important part of the cultural heritage of the Czech Republic. The Czech Republic abounds in cultural treasures, among which castles and chateaux as historical residences of the social elite, of rulers, of the aristocracy, and of religious institutions attracts special attention.

Speaking at the inauguration, Minister of Culture of India C. K. Katoch said in a statement: "The bond that was established in 1959 when a cultural agreement was signed between the two countries has been further strengthened today (Thursday). Like Czech Republic, India has a culture of forts and castles. So, it is extremely delightful that the Czech Republic has presented an important and attractive part of its national cultural heritage through large images, photographs of castles and stately homes via this exhibition". Archeological Survey of India (ASI) Director General, Mr. Pravin Srivastava said: “This will give us Indians the opportunity of viewing the beauty and grandeur of the castles that emerged in the middle ages in the European nation. We will get to see these architectural marvels virtually at our doorstep.”

Czech National Museum and ASI had signed an Memorandum of Understanding to further promote cultural exchanges and bilateral cooperation that includes the implementation and exchange of conservation methodologies.

The inauguration ceremony was accompanied by live performance of the Czech classical music group “Spork Quartet”.

The lovers of Czech chateaux architecture have a wonderful opportunity to admire the beauty of Czech castles during “CZECH CASTLES” exhibition in Quarter Guard Gallery of Red Ford in New Delhi untill 12 January 2014. The Exhibition will then tour to Bhutan (February – March 2014), Nepal (April – May 2014), Leh (June-July 2014), Kolkata (September – October 2014), Mumbai (November 2014) and Goa –Panaji (December 2014 – January 2015).

The “Czech Castles” Exhibition Tour will be accompanied by rich cultural program consisting of art exhibitions, music presentations and other events that will together celebrate the Czech-India Cultural Year 2014.  The cultural tour is being organized as part of a large promotion campaign to highlight the Czech Republic as a historically rich, culturally interesting and irresistibly attractive touristic destination in the Heart of Europe. Therefore, the five Indian cities of New Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Goa and Leh have been selected as they belong to the key tourist destinations in India and attract huge number Foreign and Indian tourists through all seasons of the year (for example the Red Fort in Old Delhi registers up to 10,000 visitors on a daily basis).


Czech Castles Exhibition