Permanent Delegation of the Czech Republic to the OECD in Paris

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Who is Who at the Delegation

You can find detailed information on the Czech Ambassador as well as the current list of employees of the Permanent Delegation of the Czech Republic to the OECD in this section.


H.E. Mr. Pavel Rozsypal

Ambassador and Permanent Representative of the Czech Republic to the OECD

E.mail: pavel_rozsypal (at)

Mr. Michal Strouhal
Council, Executive Committee, Co-operation with Non-Members, External Relations, Global Relations, coordination within the EU, Special Group on Financing, BIE

E.mail: michal_strouhal (at)

Mr. Aleš Ždimera
First Secretary
Agriculture, Environment, Sustainable Development, Education, Employment, Social Affairs, Transport, Health, Migration, Biotechnology, Research and Development, Green Growth, Climate Change, OIV, OIE

E.mail: ales_zdimera (at)

Ms. Věra Zázvorková
First Secretary
Trade, Energy, Territorial Development, Tourism, Investment, Information Technologies, Steel, LEED, BIAC, TUAC, EUTELSAT, IIR, BIPM, OIML

E.mail: vera_zazvorkova (at)

Mr. Petr Halaxa
First Secretary
Development Cooperation, Development Center, Budget, Public Affairs, Public Governance, Czech Republic´s financial contributions to the OECD budget, Web

E.mail: petr_halaxa (at)

Mrs. Ivona Matoušová
Third Secretary
Economy, Financial and Fiscal Affairs, Insurance and Pensions, Industry, Consumer Policy, Competition, Statistics, Corporate Governance, Fight against Corruption, Money-Laundering

E.mail: ivona_matousova (at)

Mr. Karel Rieger
Administrative Affairs

E.mail: karel_rieger (at)

Mrs. Zuzana Gamrotová
Mrs. Petra Trnková


E.mail: (at)

Mr. Pavel Miřatský
Driver, housekeeper

Ms. Eva Kolísková