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Czech experts in missions in Kosovo

Currently, there is a total of tens of Czech military, police and civilian experts operating within the framework of KFOR, EULEX, OSCE and UNMIK international missions.


KFOR mission forces operating in Kosovo based on the UN SC Resolution 1244/1999 are in the phase of the so-called “Deterrence presence”. Formally the Alliance forces in Kosovo are in the role of Third Responder next to Kosovo Police and EULEX forces.

KFOR gradually moves ahead with transferring the responsibility for supervising Serbian religious sites by Kosovo police (so-called unfixing); in September 2013 the unfixing has been terminated at the last but one monument (Peć).

Besides the provision of secure environment, freedom of movement, and transfer of responsibility for supervising Serbian monuments to Kosovo police the KFOR mission also provides assistance in building the Kosovo Security Forces (KSF) which in July 2013 achieved, in NATO terms, Full Operational Capability – FOC.

The Czech Republic has terminated its significant participation in KFOR mission in 2011. In the years 2013 and 2014 the Czech military experts will join the mission based on parliamentary mandate with a total of 10 persons. Within the KFOR Command the Czech Republic has been for several years staffing the civilian position of deputy political advisor of KFOR Mission Commander.

More information on Czech contingents in Kosovo: http://www.army.cz/en/foreign-operations/history-czech-military-operations/czech-military-in-kfor-operation-in-kosovo-61997/


Mission’s activities have been commenced in April 2009 on the basis of UN SC Statement and GS’s Report dated December 2008, arising from the Resolution 1244/1999. So far EULEX is the most massive civilian mission implemented ever within the framework of the Common Security and Defence Policy. The Mission’s main focus concentrates on the area of justice, police, customs administration and legal state. The Mission has a partial executive mandate limited to the area of war crimes, organized crime, corruption, terrorism and severe financial criminality.  Current mandate of the Mission will be in force until 14.June 2014.

Within the framework of EULEX operate both Czech policemen (in Pristina and in Mitrovica) and Czech prosecutors, judges, and other civilian experts.  


In UNMIK and OSCE Missions in Kosovo, there is one Czech expert operating in each.