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Kosovo - the Project Priority of the Czech ODA

Kosovo is among the so-called project priorities of the Czech official development assistance. The main interest of the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Pristina is assistance to vulnerable groups and support of the educational sector. It has developed a long-term cooperation with the associations of blind and deaf persons in Kosovo.

Czech development assistance projects consist essentially of four types:

1.     Small projects of the Embassy – projects implemented directly under the supervision of the Embassy by local partners;

2.     Bilateral development assistance projects – the Embassy helps identifying and monitoring them but the calls for proposals for their implementation are filed in the Czech Republic by the Czech Development Agency;

3.     Multilateral development assistance projects – the Czech Republic contributes to projects carried out by international organizations (in Kosovo, these included the World Bank, OSCE, UNDP and ICO). The Embassy of the Czech Republic is involved in identifying and monitoring of these projects;

4.     TRANS projects – these projects are focused on promotion of civil society, human rights and good governance and are implemented by Czech non-governmental organizations.

Memorandum of Cooperation signed by the Czech Development Agency and USAID

On 8 April 2013, the Ambassador of the Czech Republic Jiří Doležel signed a Memorandum of Cooperation with the Ambassador of the USA Tracey Ann Jacobson and the Head of USAID Maureen A. Shauket. The agreement establishes a cooperation between… more ►