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Economic Co-operation

The level of trade exchange between the Republic of Kosovo and the Czech Republic is still far below its potential. In 2011, the Czech export to Kosovo represented 0.8 % of the total import while the Kosovo export to the Czech Republic represented 0.1 % of the total export.

In 2012, the total amount of the Czech exports to Kosovo was 11.017 mil. EUR whereas exports from Kosovo to the Czech Republic amounted to 0.541 mil. EUR.

The main Czech export items are chemical products (liquid butane, detergents, dyestuffs, plastic and rubber),wood products, machinery and vehicles. Export from Kosovo consists mainly of metal products, scrap metal and food products.

One of the prospective areas of mutual cooperation is the environmental sector. Czech companies can provide extensive and cost-competitive know-how in the fields of waste management, water treatment, removal of environmental burdens etc. They have successfully implemented projects in Kosovo as well as in other countries of the region.


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