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Information for students of Kosovo citizenship about the programme of scholarships in the Czech Republic

The Embassy of the Czech Republic in Kosovo has the pleasure to announce that there will be 3 scholarships for Kosovo students available for next year. It invites applications from all interested students in follow-up master studies.

The areas of study that are available in 2010 for Kosovo are:

  • Agriculture
  • Economy (Trade)
  • IT

No other specializations are available.

Please, note that all these subjects are available as follow-up master studies, i.e. they are available only for students who already reached bachelor degree or equivalent level of education.

Please, study carefully the following instruction page including the documents attached there !!! - .

It is highly important that you will read all the documents carefully in order to avoid any misunderstanding. The Czech government scholarship application forms are downloadable at the above mentioned website. You can also obtain them from the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Kosovo, Ismail Qemali 31, Dragodan/Arbëri, 10000 Prishtinë/Priština (ask for Mr. Behar Zogiani).

Please, fill in the application form (to be downloaded here):  carefully. All application forms that will not be filled in correctly will be disregarded!

Please, provide all the documentation as explained in Instructions Regarding the Scholarship Award Scheme of the Government of the Czech Republic (to be downloaded here): In case any documentation will be missing, the application will be disregarded!

Deadline for submission of application forms and documentation to the Czech Embassy is Friday December 18, 2009 until 14:00. All the applicants whose application forms and application forms will be considered as acceptable will be invited to the test from English language. The test will take place at the premises of the Embassy of the Czech Republic on Wednesday January 6, 2010 at 10:00.


The names of students who will be granted scholarship in the Czech Republic will be announced in June 2010. After the scholarship will be granted, it won’t be possible to change subject, school or change the name of aided student.