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Greetings from the Ambassador

Dear visitors of this website,

We are pleased you visited the website of the Embassy of the Czech Republic to the Republic of Korea. It means that you are interested in the Heart of Europe, the Czech Republic as well as the Land of Morning Calm, the Dynamic Korea.

Our countries do not have a long tradition of mutual contacts. It is given by the fact that Korea had been almost hermetically closed until the second half of the 19th century and also because most of the Czechs who headed to the Far East showed - due to difficult accessibility of Korea - more interest in Japan or China. Thus, although the very first person born on the territory of historical Czech lands stepped down on Korean soil as early as 1871, fifteen years later Prague-born visitor died in Seoul and a few Czech soldiers serving in Austro-Hungarian marine visited Korea in the 1890s.,, however, the first Czech who visited Korea and left a historical and published evidence of his visit and a set of photographs was only Enrique Stanko Vraz in 1901.

Should you be interested in these historical contacts and the past of our mutual relations click on Czech-Korean Encounters through the History. There you will gradually find interesting information on our bilateral contacts, or links to other related websites.

It was only after the fall of communism in our country when the diplomatic relations between our two countries were established in 1990. Until then - due to political reasons - the Republic of Korea was an “off-limits” country to deal with for the Czechs. Since then everything has changed and nowadays thousands of Czechs have visited the Republic of Korea while tens of thousand of Koreans visited the Czech Republic. If you wish to learn more about relations between the Czech Republic and the Republic of Korea you may use the basic information we have prepared for you under the title Czech-Korean Relations (old and new). This section of the website also includes overview of active international contacts between the Czech Republic and the Republic of Korea. In The Czech Republic in Korean Press you may find a selection of what English-language Korean press wrote about the Czech Republic, its culture, history, politics and art, since mid-2008.

If you intend to visit the Czech Republic, perhaps you will find useful information in Visas and Consular Information, About the Czech Republic  and also Institutions promoting Czech-Korean contacts. Further information may hopefully be obtained from theEmbassy of the Republic of Korea in Prague, too.

If you need some special information, we are able to offer you that at our Embassy – you may find the contact information inAbout the Embassy section. Please, do not forget that the Czech Republic has also an embassy in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. If you want to know more about its activities, visit its webpage at Embassy of the Czech Republic in Pyeongyang.

Businessmen who want to establish contacts with their future Czech partners might be interested in summary of the economic relations between our two countries that you may find under the heading Economy and Trade. However, the situation and circumstances are changing steadily, and thus this section does not include detailed information about possibilities and ways of trade; but we are ready to answer specific questions that you could not find answers to in this website.  

Perhaps you will find interest in activities of our embassy. Promotion of the Czech Republic and Czech culture is one of our main activities. More information about our activities, Czech exhibitions, successes of Czech films, launching of Czech literature translations into Korean, Czech music performances and many more is to be found in News and Activities.

Since our embassy in cooperation with a chain of Seoul-based Czech restaurants Castle Praha operates the Czech Info Center, you can also obtain a lot of information about cultural, economic and promotional activities from there.