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Bibliography of Czech-language books on North Korea and the Korean War

(This article expired 03.05.2014.)

A comprehensive bibliography of all Czech-language works on North Korea and the Korean War consists of several parts (see below) and samples of selected book covers of 1950s ideological pro-North Korean booklets published in then Czechoslovakia

Sub-chapters of the bibliography:

- translations of North Korean prose and poetry (7 titles, p. 205)

- translations of North Korean non-fiction on history, politics and ideology (6 titles, p. 206)

- pro North Korean books published in Czech languages (either by Czech or other non-Korean writers) (29 titles, pp. 206-208)

- contemporary travelogues from North Korea (7 titles, p. 208)

- original fiction and poetry inspired by the Korean War and the fate of North Korea (7 titles, p. 209)

- translations of works by Kim Ilsung and Kim Jongil (85 titles, pp. 209-216)

- modern books on North Korea and the Korean War in Czech (published after the fall of communist regime in then Czechoslovakia) (17 titles, pp. 216-218)

It was originally published in Czech edition of The Cleanest Race by B. R. Myers (Prague: Ideál 2013).


You can download the bibliography here



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