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The Czech Republic in Korean Press

RAS to present Czech lecture (The Korea Times, 06 May 2014)

Previously unknown art unearthed by Czech envoy (The Korea Herald, 28 April 2014)

Former Iron Curtain still barrier for deer (The Korea Herald, 24 April 2014)

'Three Musketeers' goes to Tokyo, Seoul (The Korea Times, 14 February 2014)

Czech woman is 70kg lighter after removing tumour (The Koreas Times, 12 February 2014)

Palestinian diplomat killed in blast (The Korea Herald, 3 January 2014)

With Skoda contract, Nexen is on a roll in European market (Korea JoongAng Daily, 20 December 2013)

A scary repetition of history (Korea Joongang Daily, 18 December 2013)

Korean-Chinese wins top literary translation prize (The Korea Herald, 29 November 2013)

GS Caltex marks completion of compounded resin plant (Korea Joongang Daily, 13 November 2013)

Social Democrats win Czech vote but coalition talks loom (The Korea Herald, 28 October 2013)

K-musical gains popularity in Japan (The Korea Times, 28 October 2013)

Roman Hamrlik ends 20-year NHL career (Korea JoongAng Daily, 23 October 2013)

GS Caltex sets up plant in Czech city (The Korea Times, 19 October 2013)

GS Caltex finishes new Czech plant (Korea JoongAng Daily, 19 October 2013)

GS Caltex completes plant in Czech Rep.  (The Korea Herald, 19 October 2013)

Hyundai plans 300,000 cars per year at Czech plant (Korea JoongAng Daily, 5 October 2013)

Czech lawmakers dissolve parliament (The Korea Herald, 22 August 2013)

The heavy heat of history (Korea JoongAng Daily, 22 August 2013)

'Three Musketeers' lure Japanese musical fans (The Korea Herald, 14 August 2013)

Czech government loses confidence vote (The Korea Herald, 9 August 2013)

Images shed light on work of Czechoslovakia (The Korea Times, 27 July 2013)

Post-war life captured in photos (The Korea Times, 26 July 2013)

Han Heung-su, an unsung pioneer (The Korea Times, 25 July 2013)

Mucha’s flowing, elegant style comes to Seoul (Korea JoongAng Daily, 17 July 2013)

Art exhibition comes at height of Korea-Czech ties (The Korea Times, 15 July 2013)

Czech Alphonse Mucha’s paintings show modern art’s beginnings (The Korea Herald, 12 July 2013)

Rare photos offer glimpse into DMZ of 1950s (The Korea Times, 10 July 2013)

Prague's golden haze (The Korea Times, 10 July 2013)

Glimpse into Korea through lens of 21 Czechs (The Korea Times, 8 July 2013)

Missha reaches Europe by opening Czech store (Korea JoongAng Daily, 1 July 2013)

48th edition film festival opens at Czech spa town (The Korea Herald, 1 July 2013)

Visegrad Group publishes collection theatrical plays (The Korea Times, 24 June 2013)

Envoy: Academic is ‘unsung hero’ of Korean studies in Europe (The Korea Herald, 24 June 2013)

‘El Condor Pasa’ invited to Karlovy Vary Film Festival (The Korea Herlad, 15 June 2013)

Czech woman pregnant with quintuplets (The Korea Times, 31 May 2013)

Czech Center hosts farewell exhibition of Saudek photos (The Korea Times, 27 May 2013)

Hyundai Motor’s Czech factory reaches milestone (Korea Joongang Daily, 18 May 2013)

Millionth vehicle (The Korea Times, 18 May 2013)

Vatican turns to art patronage roots for Venice Biennale (The Korea Herald, 16 May 2013)

The Vatican takes a stab at re-entering the art world (Korea Joongang Daily, 16 May 2013)

Park to get rights award for N.K. pro-democracy campaign (The Korea Herald, 8 May 2013)

Embassyline (The Korea Times, 6 May 2013)

9th diplomatic tennis tournament rocks! (The Korea Times, 29 April 2013)

Czech Embassy launches new cultural center (The Korea Herald, 29 April 2013)

Czech Center Seoul opens today (The Korea Times, 29 April 2013)

KAL finalizes Czech Airlines deal (Korea JoongAng Daily, 12 April 2013)

Korean Air becomes No. 2 shareholder of Czech Airlines (The Korea Herald, 12 April 2013)

Korean Air buys 44% stake in Czech Airline (The Korea Times, 12 April 2013)

[Kim Seong-kon] All diplomats should be cultural ambassadors (The Korea Herald, 20 March 2013)

Czech Embassy marks opening of Brno Conservatory in Seoul (The Korea Herald, 18 March 2013)

Government sells stake in CSA to Korean Airlines (The Korea Herld, 14 March 2013)

Korean Air takeover of Czech Airlines to boost global ranking (The Korea Herald, 8 March 2013)

Czech art exhibition reveals unknown Korean author (The Korea Times, 4 March 2013)

Korean Air may buy stake in Czech Airlines (The Korea Herald, 16 February 2013)

Korean Air tempted by Czech carrier (Korea JoongAng Daily,16 February 2013)

Toxo causes brain-manipulating suicidal disease (The Korea Times, 4 February 2013)

Ready for spotlight, Czech artists exhibit transformations (Korea JoongAng Daily, 30 January 2013)

Ex-premier elected new Czech president (The Korea Herald, 28 January 2013)

Czech modern art on view for first time in Korea (The Korea Herald, 28 January 2013)

Round face with brown eyes most trustworthy: report (The Korea Herald, 28 January 2013)

Passionate Czech modern art comes to Seoul (The Korea Times, 28 January 2013)

LTI Korea receives Czech award (The Korea Herald, 28 January 2013)

Vaclav Havel ― European Renaissance Man (The Korea Times, 1 January 2013)

Story reveals history of Korean ambassador's residence in Prague (The Korea Times, 31 December 2012)

Korean Air show interest in Czech national carrier (The Korea Herald, 7 December 2012)

Milos Forman to get lifetime award (Korea JoongAng Daily, 30 November 2012)

Independent film in Korea needs systematic support (The Korea Times, 22 November 2012)

Czech Republic wins Davis Cup title over Spain (The Korea Herald, 20 November 2012)

embassyline (The Korea Times, 12 November 2012)

embassyline (The Korea Times, 5 November 2012)

Korea-EU free trade deal benefits both sides (The Korea Herald, 30 October 2012)

Korean artists showcase ‘Woo:ri’ project at art festival in Prague(The Korea Herald, 30 October 2012)

Czech films screen in Seoul on heels of BIFF (The Korea Herald, 29 October 2012)

Court orders Kafka scripts moved to Israeli National Library (The Korea Herald, 16 October 2012)

Milestone in Czech Korean studies (The Korea Times, 13 October 2012)

Czech museum director seeks cultural exchange  (The Korea Times, 8 October 2012)

embassyline (The Korea Times, 3 October 2012)

‘Pink Panther’ actor Herbert Lom dead (The Korea Times, 29 September 2012)

Musical as next ‘hallyu’ (The Korea Times, 19 September 2012)

Sung Min matures in ‘Jack the Ripper’ (The Korea Times, 5 September 2012)

Czech diplomat's literary diplomacy (The Korea Times, 9 July 2012)

Czech literature celebrated in Korea (The Korea Herald, 25 June 2012)

Wave of self-immolations against Chinese rule (The Korea Herald, 19 June 2012)

Czech Republic crashes Poland's party (The Korea Herald, 18 June 2012)

Theatre-train brings Shoah story to central Europe (The Korea Times, 7 June 2012)

Czech photographer's provocative works arrive (The Korea Times, 28 May 2012)

Korean children’s book published in Czech Republic (The Korea Herald, 22 May 2012)

First Korean children's book published in Czech Republic ( The Korea Times, 19 March 2012)

Czechs debut Demel in Seoul (The Korea Herald, 30 April 2012)

Czech minister meets Korean conglomerates (The Korea Herald, 2 April 2012)

Czech envoy donates books to HUFS (The Korea Herald, 22 March 2012)

Czech ambassador honors the past (The Korea Times, 20 March 2011)

Musical of ‘Once’ is irresistible movie adaptation (The Korea Herald, 20 March 2012)

Embassyline - Ambassador donates Czech books to HUFS (The Korea Times, 19 March 2011)

Czechs honor first Westerner to die in Korea (The Korea Herald, 19 March 2012)

Czech Info Center to bring modern arts, literary works (The Korea Herald, 12 March 2012)

PEN Korea forum to focus on North Korean writers (The Korea Herald, 20 February 2012)

Arctic wave saves Czech ice wine production (The Korea Herald, 9 February 2012)

Ludwig Mies van der Rohe’s Tugendhat to reopen again (The Korea Herald, 2 February 2012)

Havel’s inspiration honored in Seoul (The Korea Herald, 9 January 2012)

Vaclav Havel to be honored in Seoul (The Korea Herald, 5 January 2012)

Czechs and Koreans to work away (The Korea Herald, 2 January 2012)

Power of the powerless (The Korea Herald, 28 December 2011)

[Jeffrey D. Sachs] Havel demonstrates the power of living in truth (The Korea Herald, 27 December 2011)

Kim Jong-il vs. Vaclav Havel (The Korea Times, 27 December 2011)

Czechs bid farewell to Vaclav Havel (The Korea Herald, 24 December 2011)

A tale of two men (The Korea Times, 23 December 2011)

Kim Jong-il, Vaclav Havel: Two leaders a world apart (The Korea Times, 23 December 2011)

Near-simultaneous Kim-Havel deaths a study in contrasts (The Korea Times, 21 December 2011)

[Viewpoint] Kim makes world a scary place (JoongAng Daily, 21 December 2011)

Kim makes world scary place even in death (The Korea Herald, 21 December 2011)

Vaclav Havel, a visionary playwright who trod in Franz Kafka’s footsteps (The Korea Herald, 20 December 2011)

[Vaclav Havel] The role intellectuals need to play in political sphere (The Korea Herald, 20 December 2011)

[Viewpoint] Vaclav Havel: Politics and theater (JoongAng Daily, 20 December 2011)

Havel, hero of revolution against communism dies (The Korea Herald, 20 December 2011)

Havel, Czech playwright and president, has died (The Korea Herald, 19 December 2011)

After two decades, a return to Prague in the light of day (The Korea Herald, 3 December 2011)

Top Czech lawmaker accents strong ties, trade (The Korea Times, 17 November 2011)

Kvitova crowns year with WTA awards (JoongAng Daily, 16 November 2011)

Poet fetes love of Prague in bilingual compilation (JoongAng Daily, 15 November 2011)

Explore Czech culture through photography, animation (The Korea Times, 14 November 2011)

Ambassador launches Czech translation of Ko Un's book (The Korea Times, 14 November 2011)

Hyundai wins Czech marks for quality (The Korea Times, 12 November 2011)

Hyundai Motor receives award (JoongAng Daily, 12 November 2011)

Kvitova solidifies elite status at WTA (JoongAng Daily, 1 November 2011)

Hyundai subcontractors finding success abroad (JoongAng Daily, 31 October 2011)

Hyundai’s car production helps economy in Czech Republic (The Korea Herald, 31 October 2011)

Passion, everybody's got it, right? (The Korea Times, 27 October 2011)

Czechs tell story of Prague at Seoul museum exhibit (JoongAng Daily, 25 October 2011)

Czech pop star rocks ‘Hamlet’ (The Korea Herald, 21 October 2011)

'Prague Days in Seoul' to start today (The Korea Times, 20 October 2011)

Ledecky's rock musical 'Hamlet' returns (The Korea Times, 20 October 2011)

Korea-Czech ties strengthening through cinema (The Korea Times, 13 October 2011)

Finest Czech classical music ensembles in Seoul this month (The Korea Times, 10 October 2011)

Embassy Line (The Korea Times, 10 October 2011)

2 publishers awarded by Czech Republic (The Korea Times, 6 October 2011)

‘Czech Points’ festival in Seoul (The Korea Herald, 6 October 2011)

Culture Ministry to honor contributors to Korean writing (The Korea Herald, 30 September 2011)

Korean artists to exhibit creations in Prague (The Korea Times, 29 September 2011)

Month of Czech Culture' to deepen Korea-Czech ties (The Korea Times, 28 September 2011)

Emil Zatopek: Czech people's Olympic hero (The Korea Times, 26 September 2011)

Czech sci-fi makes it into Korean (The Korea Herald, 5 September 2011)

Biography of ‘Bouncing Czech’ released in Korean (The Korea Herald, 23 August 2011)

Gift that keeps on giving from Czech Republic (The Korea Herald, 22 August 2011)

When spring comes … (The Korea Times, 19 August 2011)

Novel revives Zatopek’s legacy (The Korea Times, 19 August 2011)

Stepanek shocks Monfils to win in Washington (JoongAng Daily, 9 August 2011)

Czech literary classics translated into Korean (The Korea Herald, 1 August 2011)

World Masterpieces to enrich theater festival (The Korea Times, 28 July 2011)

Rare Czech show coming to Seoul (The Korea Herald, 27 July 2011)

The Works of a collector (Korea JoongAng Daily, 25 July 2011)

Ahn Jae-wook returns with Jack the Rippert (The Korea Times, 6 July 2011)

GS Caltex sets up Czech unit (The Korea Times, 13 July 2011)

Czech envoy receives top diplomat prize (The Korea Herald, 11 July, 2011)

Kim Ki-duk’s cinematic self-portrait invited to Karlovy Vary film festival (The Korea Herald, 21 June, 2011)

Writing to put magic in the everyday (The Korea Herald, 29 May, 2011)

Korean translation of book on Czech history published (The Korea Times, 9 May 2011)

Czechs in Korea: Long-ago photos and observations, (JoongAng Daily, 26 April 2011)

Old Seoul seen through eyes of Czech travelers (The Korea Times, 19 April 2011)

Booming times for Czech monastery even as faith wanes (The Korea Herald, 14 April, 2011)

Korea’s green plan, model for Czech (The Korea Herald, 11 April, 2011)

Poet Ko Un shares his attachment to Czech culture (The Korea Herald, 4 April, 2011)

Book presents Czech short stories and guide to Prague (The Korea Times, 4 April 2011)

Theater festival to heat up Busan in May (The Korea Times, 24 March, 2011)

First Czech traveler in Korea honored (JoongAng Daily, 22 March 2011)

Czech-American Max Taubles: Korea's first Western journalist (The Korea Times, 11 March, 2011)

Holocaust survivor and author dies (The Korea Herald, 1 March, 2011)

Czech press photos show global interest (The Korea Herald, 22 February, 2011)

Korea, Czech Republic join hands to help Mongolia, Ethiopia (The Korea Times, 21 February, 2011)

Czechs present award-winning photographs (The Korea Times, 28 January, 2011)

Embassyline (The Korea Times, 23 January, 2011)

Hyundai, Kia’s swap between overseas (The Korea Herald, 23 January, 2011)

Czech government honors PIFF father (The Korea Herald, 23 January, 2011)

Former Czech star player hopes to raise level of Korean ice hockey (The Korea Herald, 14 January, 2011)

Founder of Czech-Korea relations passes away (The Korea Times, 11 January, 2011)

Book of condolences opened for Czech hero (The Korea Herald, 11 January, 2011)

Classical musicians head to farms to record (JoongAng Daily, 7 January, 2011)

Africa photograph exhibition at KOICA (The Korea Herald, 26 December, 2010)

Czech-Korean ties share tumultuous past (The Korea Times, 26 December, 2010)

'The Three Musketeers' defends justice, friendship (The Korea Times, 19 December, 2010)

Embassyline (The Korea Times, 19 December, 2010)

Displaying a home for Czech garnet (The Korea Herald, 12 December, 2010)

Embassyline (The Korea Times, 5 December, 2010)

Czech cartoon searches for local home (The Korea Herald, 5 December, 2010)

[Ma Jian] In the footsteps of Gandhi, Mandela and Havel (The Korea Herald, 3 December, 2010)

Czech cartoon 'Krtek' vying to win Korean hearts (The Korea Times, 26 November, 2010)

Danish astronomer’s remains exhumed in Prague (The Korea Herald, 16 November, 2010)

Hyundai Motor wins Czech award (The Korea Times,11 November, 2010)

Czech books donated to Gangwon children (The Korea Times, 7 November, 2010)

Essay contest boosts interest in G20 summit (The Korea Times, 4 November, 2010)

Korea Times English Economic Essay Contest winners (The Korea Times, 4 November, 2010)

[Grand Prize] South Korea to defend the right to 'own' development (The Korea Times, 18 October, 2010)

Czech jewelry sparkles with colorful glamour (The Korea Times, 17 October, 2010)

[Mojmr Hampl] Overdose of harmony (The Korea Herald, 13 October, 2010)

When art transcends vanity, it's all in the ad (JoongAng Daily, 8 October 2010)

Bohemian garnet attracts special attention in Seoul (The Korea Times, 10 October, 2010)

Bottoms up! (JoongAng Daily, 4 October 2010)

Selling the objects of desire (JoongAng Daily, 24 September 2010)

Embassyline (The Korea Times, 3 October, 2010)

EU envoy gets Czech medal (The Korea Herald, 3 October, 2010)

Holocaust writer Lustig brings Seoul ‘universal’ message (The Korea Herald, 27 September, 2010)

Czech gov't honors Korean author (The Korea Times, 19 September, 2010)

Czech Parliament supports FTA (The Korea Times, 13 September, 2010)

North Korea cornered with snowballing debts (The Korea Herald, 18 August, 2010)

Snapping shots in distant lands (JoongAng Daily, 14 August, 2010)

Shuttering in Czech photographers (The Korea Herald, 1 August, 2010)

Debate rises over African photos (The Korea Times, 1 August, 2010)

[Viewpoint] Defending ‘My Country’, Six symphonic poems written decades ago by a Czech composer shed light on the reality of Korea today (JoongAng Daily, 26 July, 2010)

North Korea wants to pay back debt in ginseng (The Korea Times, 26 July, 2010)

Promoting Korea everyone’s responsibility (The Korea Herald, 26 July, 2010)

Korea examined in Czech journal (The Korea Herald, 25 July, 2010)

Embassyline (The Korea Times, 25 July, 2010)

Three days with Angelina Jolie (The Korea Times, 25 July, 2010)

Seoul Phil offers rare performance of Smetana (The Korea Herald, 14 July 2010)

Czechs win hockey championships (JoongAng Daily, 25 May 2010)

Modern greats to tour Czech Republic  (JoongAng Daily, 25 May 2010)

Meet European Culture in Seoul (The Korea Times, 21 May, 2010)

Pospisil wants Korean cultural center in Prague (The Korea Times, 21 May, 2010)

'Branding is DNA that determines personality' (The Korea Times, 19 May, 2010)

Pianist is back with Brahms (JoongAng Daily, 11 May 2010)

Strengthening EU’s global role (The Korea Times, 10 May, 2010)

Ambassadors share their collections of Zimbabwean art (JoongAng Daily, 04 May, 2010)

Examining Korean-Czech history with RAS (The Korea Herald, 18 April, 2010)

Janacek Philharmonic to make romance in Seoul (The Korea Herald, 14 April, 2010)

Building the house from the roof down (The Korea Herald, 11 April, 2010)

Kim Bo-sul Mixes Art & Technology(The Korea Times, 7 April, 2010)

‘Proficiency Exam Needs Speaking Test’ (The Korea Times, 7 April, 2010)

Photo Exhibit ― Czech-Korean Contacts (The Korea Times, 6 April, 2010)

Czech former minister: separation of Koreas 'a sad thing' (The Korea Herald, 1 April, 2010)

A Special Envoy's Trip to Panmunjeom (The Korea Times, 28 March, 2010)

[MICHAEL MEYER] The triumph of powerless Czechs two decades ago (The Korea Herald, 30 March, 2010)

Havel Returns to Stage With ‘Leaving‘ (The Korea Times, 30 March, 2010)

Bilateral Ties More Dynamic Than 'Dynamic Korea’ (The Korea Times, 21 March, 2010)

Decathlete Returns as Representative of Czech Republic (The Korea Times, 15 March, 2010)

Czech Presents Marionette Don Giovanni This Week (The Korea Times, 14 March, 2010)

A man of many roles returns to the theater (JoongAng Daily, 10 March, 2010)

Glimpses at global women’s city lives (JoongAng Daily, 17 February, 2010)

The Swell Season to Return in April(The Korea Times, 16 February, 2010)

Investing in the heart of Europe (The Korea Herald, 8 February, 2010)

Seoul’s Best Beer (The Korea Herald, 29 January, 2010)

Czech Center reels human rights (The Korea Herald, 18 January, 2010)

Film Offers Tips for Prospective Travelers to NK (The Korea Times, 17 January, 2010)

Show Must Go On: High-Quality Musicals, Plays in 2010 (The Korea Times, 23 December, 2009)

Czech Embassy Remembers 1989 With Third Exhibition (The Korea Times, 13 December, 2009)

Swell Season LP is 'no break-up album' (The Korea Herald, 7 December, 2009)

Swell Season Stay Together After Romance Is Over(The Korea Times, 6 December, 2009)

Picture books not just for kids anymore (JoongAng Daily, 5 December, 2009)

After breakup, duo cares for their grief (JoongAng Daily, 30 November, 2009)

The Swell Season (JoongAng Daily, 30 November, 2009)

Prague Chamber Orchestra Delights Audience (The Korea Times 15 November, 2009)

Castle Praha, perfect fit for Czech center (The Korea Herald 3 November, 2009)

New Czech cultural center opens in a Hongdae castle (JoongAng Daily, 3 November, 2009)

Czech Information Center Opens (The Korea Times, 1 November, 2009)

Hanwha Begins Operation of Czech Auto Parts Plant (The Kore Times, 30 October, 2009)

Hyundai Motor’s European Offensive (The Korea Times, 26 October 2009)

Doosan on Global Track With Original Technologies (The Korea Times, 26 October 2009)

Embassy helps create a slice of Prague in Itaewon (The Korea Herald, 26 October 2009)

Be wary of extreme realism (JoongAng Daily, October 19, 2009)

Ceremony for new Hyundai Czech plant (The Korea Herald, 25 September 2009)

Czechs end 29-yr wait for a david final (JoongAng Daily, 21 September, 2009)

Hard work pays off for Czech hockey player (JoongAng Daily, 12 August 2009)

IT of Seoul to Be Combined With Prague’s Culture and Arts (The Korea Times, 16 September2009)

Doosan Heavy takes over Czech turbine maker (The Korea Herald, 14 September2009)

Czech culture promoted by movie-mad diplomat (JoongAng Daily, July 21 2009)

Czech ambassador to show his flair for sci-fi at PiFan (JoongAng Daily, July 14 2009)

Korean stars draw fan base in Japan (JoongAng Daily, 26 June 2009)

Doosan Seeks to Buy Czech Turbine Firm (The Korea Times, 22 June 2009)

Groups unite to bring taste of Europe to Seoul (JoongAng Daily, 16 June, 2009)

European Taste at Door of Korea (The Korea Times, 14 June 2009)

Korea, EU Agree to Seek Early FTA Conclusion (The Korea Times, 25 May 2009)

European Union Uber Alles? (The Korea Times, 21 May 2009)

Danger of global warming by Václav Klaus (The Korea Herald, 11 May 2009)

Sample of Czech Musicals Staged at Children's Park (The Korea Times, 11 May 2009)

Glimpse Into North Korea Through Czech Embassy in Pyongyang (The Korea Times, 26 April 2009)

The homage manga pays to Art Nouveau (JoongAng Daily, 25 April 2009)

Nuclear Proliferation - Prague vs. Pyongyang (The Korea Times, 15 April 2009)

Painting Contest Cheers NK Children (The Korea Times, 22 March 2009)

Recent Book - I Served the King of England (The Korea Times, 6 March 2009)

Czech Republic Backed Korea's Independence (The Korea Times, 27 February 2009)

Who coined the word 'robot?' (The Korea Herald, 23 February 2009)

Korea Explores Czech Literature in Exhibition (The Korea Times, 22 February 2009)

Understanding Year of Ox, Bohemian Style! (The Korea Times, 5 February 2009)

Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova (JoongAng Daily, 2 February 2009)

Curing Waters of Karlovy Vary in Bohemia (The Korea Times, 21 January 2009)

'Once' Stars Captivate Music Audience (The Korea Times, 19 January 2009)

Duo from hit film 'Once' performing in Korea (JoongAng Daily, 15 January 2009)

China's Best Hope (The Korea Times, 11 January 2009)

'Once' Star Prefers Music to Acting (The Korea Times, 22 December 2008)

A poetry reading reveals diplomats' literary side (JoongAng Daily, 2 December 2008)

Limited Access Essential for Wetland Preservation (The Korea Times, October 31, 2008)

A little-known side of Prague in its glass design (JoongAng Daily, 28 October 2008)

Cleo and her Korean musical makeover (JoongAng Daily, 16 October 2008)

Rights Abuses in North Korea (The Korea Times, 29 September 2008)

'Culture, Commerce Equally Important' (The Korea Times, 28 September 2008)

Musical 'Kleopatra' Coming to Town (The Korea Times, 17 September 2008)

40 Years After Prague Spring (The Korea Times, 20 August 2008)

Czech Musical `Hamlet' Travels to Seoul (The Korea Times, 20 February 2008)

Pretend to be a princess, or a prince, at Castle Praha (JoongAng Daily, 24 November 2007)