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PRAGUE – Days of Seoul promoted cooperation between capitals


Czech capital Prague has already established very good working relationship with Seoul, the capital of the Republic of Korea. Exchanges in a field of culture are the most visible signs of such cooperation. more ►

SEOUL – Czech-Korean science fiction encounter


Some twenty leading Korean science fiction personalities had a chance to learn a bit more about Czech science fiction by watching the most well-known Czech genre film „Ikarie XB-1“ of 1963 and meeting popular science fiction writer Ondřej Neff. more ►

SEOUL ― Deal reached under local Czech EU Presidency to help European cultural promotion


Four EU-member countries´ cultural institutes and local Czech EU Presidency in Seoul have agreed to further promote cultural cooperation and promotion between Europe and the Republic of Korea by setting up a joint cultural platform EUNIC Seoul. more ►

JEJU – Culture & Travel EXPO: Travel Fair


Within the summit of ASEAN-Republic of Korea on the island of Jeju, a travel fair was held in the World Cup Stadium on 29 May – 1 June 2009. This event was backed by the Korea Tourism Association. The Czech Republic – popular destination of… more ►

PRAGUE – Declaration by EU Presidency on DPRK´s nuclear test


The Czech Republic which is now presiding the 27-strong European Union issued the declaration on behalf of the European Union on the nuclear test conducted by the Democratic People´s Republic of Korea more ►

PRAGUE / HANOI - Statement by Czech Foreign Minister on DPRK nuclear test


Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic Mr. Jan Kohout while taking part in ASEM Foreign Ministers´ meeting in Hanoi issued a statement on DPRK nuclear test. more ►

SEOUL – EU-Republic of Korea Summit during the Czech EU Presidency


The first free-standing EU-Republic of Korea summit, which should have been initially held in autumn 2008, finally took place under the Czech EU Presidency on 23 May 2009 in Seoul. more ►

SEOUL – Czech music at the largest open-air stage in Seoul


Official opening of the largest and most modern open-air stage in the Neung-dong Forest in Seoul was accompanied by three concerts of Czech classical and modern music performed by Czech and Korean artists. The Mayor of Seoul as well as number of… more ►

PRAGUE – Prime Minister of the Republic of Korea visited the Czech Republic


A visit of RoK Prime Minister to the Czech Republic was realized on April 20-22, 2009. This was only the second visit on this level during the whole history of bilateral cooperation between the Republic of Korea and the Czech Republic. more ►

PRAGUE ― Czech-Korean Agreement on Economic Co-operation Signed


The Agreement on Economic Co-operation between the Republic of Korea and the Czech Republic was signed at the margins of the visit of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Korea Han Seung-soo in Prague. more ►