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Czech Cultural Events in Korea – July 2013

(This article expired 03.07.2014.)

Programme of Czech cultural events to be held in the Republic of Korea in July 2013. In cooperation with Czech Centre Seoul.

South and North of the DMZ                               3 Jul – 10 Sep               Seoul

The 1950s Korea from Sinuiju to Busan on color and b/w photos of Czech members of Neutral Nations Supervisory Commission. Exhibition on the occassion of the 60th anniversary of signing of armistice agreement.

More at http://seoul.czechcentres.cz/cs/en/program/event-details/to-the-north-and-south-of-the-demilitarized-zone/

Organized by Embassy of the Czech Republic and Czech Centre Seoul

Venue: Czech Centre Seoul                    http://seoul.czechcentres.cz

No entry fee


Words Failed Me                                                                7 Jul – 3 Aug                             Seoul  

Solo exhibition of hundred cartoon-like watercolor paintings by Czech-born British artist Michal Klega.

More at http://onewwall.com/?preview=true&preview_id=1801&preview_nonce=029e77aa35

Organized by Space O‘Newwall

Venue: Space O’Newwall                        http://onewwall.com/contact-2

No entry fee


Art Nouveau and Utopia                                                   11 Jul – 22 Sep              Seoul

Exhibition of 220 works of Alfons Mucha (1860-1939), friend of Paul Gauguin, notable Czech artist and one of the creators of art nouveau in Paris at the turn of the century. First retrospective exhibition in Korea.

More at www.mucha2013.com

Organized by Hangaram Art Museum and Mucha Foundation and Culture & Leaders

Venue: Hangaram Art Museum, Seoul Arts Center http://www.sac.or.kr/eng/Space/space_art.jsp

Tickets 12.000 KRW


Czech-Korean Film Encountres on Art Movie Posters             

6 Jun – 1 Sep                Seoul

A retrospective exhibition of Czech and Czechoslovak film posters made for both North and South Korean movies from the late 1950s until today

More at http://seoul.czechcentres.cz/cs/en/program/event-details/korean-film-poster-art-in-the-czechoslovak/

Organized by Czech Centre Seoul and Korean Film Archive

Venue: Korean Film Archive museum    www.koreafilm.org/museum/introduction.asp

No entry fee



Welcome to North Korea!  (Vítejte v KLDR!, 2008, dir. Linda Jablonská)

11 Jul                       Seoul

Successful Czech documentary film about a group of travelers on their adventurous „journey into the unknown“, a tour to North Korea. Czech with English subtitles.

More at http://www.vitejtevkldr.cz/en.html

Organized by Czech Centre Seoul

Venue: Czech Centre Seoul                    18:30 hrs.                      http://seoul.czechcentres.cz

No entry fee, reservation preferred.



Meeting Kafka               (TBA)                Seoul

A special event to commemorate 130th anniversary of famous German writing Czech author..Selected short story of Franz Kafka performed as dramatic reading with digital projection.

Organized by Czech Centre Seoul and Spider Company

Venue: (TBA)



The Three Musketeers                                                       5–7 Jul              Daegu

Korean adaptation of an original Czech musical by Michal David to be performed at Daegu International Musical Festival.

More at http://f.dimf.or.kr/program/selectProgramDetail.do?gubun=04&id=122&mId=2900

Organized by M Musical Art

Venue:Keimyung Art Center      http://kmuartcenter.kr/index.html

Tickets range from 60.000 to 120.000 KRW


Jack the Ripper                                                                              16 Jul - 25 Aug Seoul

New Korean adaptation of famous Czech musical by Vašo Patejdl. With Sung Min (Super Junior), Shin Sung Woo etc.

More at www.jacktheripper.co.kr

Organized by M Musical

Venue:D-cube Arts Center       http://www.d3art.co.kr/oart/

Tickets range from 60,000 to 120,000 KRW


lectures + presentations       

North and South of the DMZ: 1950s Korea in images by early Czechoslovak members of the Neutral Nations Supervisory Commission

16 July                                        Seoul

Lecture given by Czech journalist Alex Švamberk on life and work of early Czechoslovak contingents of Neutral Nations Supervisiry Commission in between 1953-56. This presentation will be mainly based on presenting rare photographs from both South and North Korea and showing the unedited footage made by these Czechoslovaks.

more at http://www.raskb.com/content/north-and-south-dmz-1950s-korea-images-early-czechoslovak-members-neutral-nations

Venue: Somerset Palace                          19:30 hrs.                       www.somersetpalace.co.kr

7,000 KRW non-members, members of RAS KB free


History of Military Contacts and Ties between the Czechs and Koreans from 1871 to today

24 July                                          Seoul

Lecture given by Czech Ambassador Jaroslav Olša, jr. on rarely known history of military interactions between the Czechs and Koreans which started as early as in 1871, when at least two Czechs were on board of US ships attacking Ganghwa Island. Another more important moments were deliveries of arms to Korean independence fighters by soldiers of Czechoslovak Legion in 1918-20.

More at http://seoul.czechcentres.cz/cs/en/program/event-details/history-of-military-contacts-and-ties-between-the-/

Venue: Czech Centre Seoul                    18:30 hrs                        http://seoul.czechcentres.cz

No entry fee, reservation preferred

Czech Centre Seoul, Seogyo-dong 395-19, Mapo-gu, Seoul

주한체코문화원, 마포구, 서교동 395-19, 캐슬프라하/4층, 서울