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SEOUL – Embassy of the Czech Republic registered its hangeul domain

Embassy of the Czech Republic to the Republic of Korea announces that it registered two Hangeul domains on its name after the registration process for companies and state institutions started in May 2011.

Following The Korea Communications Commission announcement that the Korea Internet and Security Agency is to start registering domain names in Hangeul in May 2011, the Embassy of the Czech Republic used its right to register its own domains based on its Korean-language name. Since September 2011 the Embassy of the Czech Republic is thus using the domains주한체코대사관.한국 and 체코대사관.한국 , which automatically redirect to the Korean-language version of the official webpage http://www.mzv.cz/seoul.

According to the information from Korea Internet and Security Agency, the Embassy of the Czech Republic is as of now the sole foreign diplomatic mission, who has registered its Hangeul domain .한국, although there is also registered the domain 미국대사관.한국, but this is surprisingly not owned by the respective Embassy, but a private company, according to KISA.

The move to establish own domains for other scripts than Latin was made after the International Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers decided in October 2009 to have countries introduce domain names in their native languages. Since then, 33 countries, where English is a foreign language, have applied for their own domain names and the requests of a group of 20 nations, including the Republic of Korea, have been granted so far, according to KCC officials. The Embassy of the Czech Republic hopes that the hangeul domain will make its web page more accessible and visible for Korean users.