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Business Sectors

Short introductory videos into Czech engineering, energy, transportation, aerospace, nanotechnology and rubber industry.

Engineering Industry

The Czech Republic ranks among the four largest suppliers of information and communication technologies with annual contracts in Europe exceeding over hundred billion of CZK.

Energy Industry

The Czech Republic is known for the production of both individual components and complete power plant units. The nuclear power plants in the Czech Republic provide the production of more than a third of all electricity in the country. By virtue of this, the Czech Republic is the largest exporter of electricity in Central Europe.



The Czech Republic belongs to the countries in the world that can boast of their own auto factories, as well as of the production of trains and trams. In the world, you would hardly find a car that would not contain components made in the Czech Republic.


Aerospace Industry

The Czech Republic is the third largest manufacturer of light and small sport aircrafts in the worldwide. Czech aircraft companies supply even to such giants as Boeing or Sikorsky.


The Czech Republic is ranked among the absolute top of the world of nanotechnology. Czech anti—allergy beddings, textiles, medical equipment, paints, sprays and water—repellent with cleaning effects and more are being exported to the whole world.


Rubber industry

Czech articles of plastics and rubber are renowned around the world. Rubber components of most cars in Europe have passed through Czech hands.