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Trade with Australia & New Zealand - November 2012

Economic and Trade News from the Commercial Section of the Consulate of the Czech Republic in Sydney - November 2012

Czech Economy Briefs

Czech economy stays in recession as Czech GDP in the third quarter contracted by 0.3 percent against the second quarter, the Czech Statistical Office announced in its preliminary data. Year on year GDP fell by 1.5 percent. Latest data show that the Eurozone countries also sank into recession in the third quarter. Economic performance of the European Union, on the other hand, increased by 0.1 percent in the Q3 after a drop in the second quarter. The main reason for the Czech decline in GDP in Q3 2012 was gradually weakening domestic demand, especially decreasing investments in infrastructure, machinery and transport equipment. A descending trend was found in consumer expenditure of households as well, the statisticians said.

The Czech Central Bank (CNB) cut its interest rates to new record-low level. The main interest rate, dropped by 0.2 percentage points to 0.05 percent. The CNB's Bank Board also decided to interrupt the programme of  sale from investment in forex reserves. This decision was motivated by the fact that a possible contradiction between these operations and the exercise of the monetary policy cannot be ruled out in a situation when monetary policy interest rates are at a technical zero. The main interest rate of the European Central Bank is 0.75 percent.

The CNB also downgraded Czech GDP estimate for next year expecting a rise of 0.2 percent, while the previous forecast was a 0.8 percent growth. This year, the CNB still expects the economy to contract by 0.9 percent and in 2013 a gradual revival of foreign demand is expected to overcome restricting impacts of public finance consolidation.

Czech Republic ranks first in EU by industry workforce. A total of 38 percent of Czechs work in industry which is the highest percentage in the  EU 27, according to data published by the European statistical office Eurostat.

Business Briefs


Establishment of the Czech-Australian Chamber of Commerce in Sydney Inc.

The Czech-Australian Chamber of Commerce in Sydney Inc. was established as a non-profit organization in August 2012 with support of Commercial Department of Czech Consulate in Sydney. The Chamber (CACCS) has been built with the vision ‘To deliver quality support and advice to members, companies and individuals seeking opportunities and potential to establish and extend business relationships between Australia and Czech Republic’ says its President Michal Kozar.

The CACCS offers a range of commercial services to assist both Australian as well as Czech companies and individuals to build mutual cooperation and utilize experts and potentials of both markets. The CACCS members are based in the Sydney area and represent different sectors and industries to provide diverse and superior services and products. More information about CACCS, its services, activities and events will be brought to you in one of our following  Newsletters. You are encouraged to visit its website The Chamber is open to new members so be part of the Czech – Australian business community. The Consulate of the Czech Republic in Sydney is the proud partner of the CACCS.

Czech-New Zealand Business Association in Auckland - Establishing meeting invitation

Czech business interests in New Zealand are getting reinforced thanks to the establishment of Czech-New Zealand Business Association in Auckland supported by Škoda NZ, BusinexNZ and the Honorary Consul of the Czech Republic in Auckland, Gregory Shanahan.  Consulate of the Czech Republic in Sydney welcomes the initiative and looks forward to future cooperation. Inaugural meeting is taking place on the 5th December 2012 in Auckland to which are invited all business entities.

WHEN: Wednesday, 5 December 2012, 5.15 PM

VENUE: ŠKODA NZ, European Motor Distributors, 1 Nixon Street, Grey Lynn, Auckland


Stros Sedlcany – is currently finalizing fitting of Anzac bridge in Sydney with custom made hoists for both main pylons of the bridge. Anzac bridge tender is another successful project of the company in Sydney after supplying three hoists for the reconstruction of the Royal North Shore Hospital in Sydney earlier this year. 

Lasvit Crystal Wall wasinstalled in Crown Casino Atrium bar in Melbourne. Exquisite Lasvit crystal structure, was designed by Czech studio Koncern and imported from the Czech Republic. Lasvit Crystal Wall is an original prefabricated module consisting in crystal components with pre-defined model options and a highly esthetic effect. The module is a new mutable device, unique for its quality, set at the edge between applied and fine arts. Lasvit Crystal Wall represents a new alternative for the arrangement of deluxe and representative interior spaces of any kind, all the while embracing the custom of glass application as seen in the Czechoslovak representative architecture of the 1960’s and the 1970’s.

Little Mole - (children popular cartoon hero) exhibition across Australia and New Zealand organised by the Consulate of the Czech Republic in Sydney is supporting marketing of Little Mole toys and books in the region by Australian distribution company Generation Toys. Little Mole´s  stories may be new to small Australians and New Zealanders, however millions of children in Europe, China and Japan love him since Zdeněk Miler created its first cartoon story in 1956.

Czech Airlines again named Best Airline in TTG Travel Awards

Czech Airlines has once again been honored as the Best Airline in the TTG Travel Awards competition (an international magazine and one of the most important titles for tourism professionals). The airline has won this award eleven times in the fourteen-year history of the competition. The title is awarded annually on the basis of a survey of tourism experts and the general public.

Czech Airlines, as the flag carrier airline of the Czech Republic, provides connections from Prague, and also via Prague to major destinations in Europe, Central Asia, the Transcaucasus and the Middle East. In cooperation with its partners, the airline currently offers connections to nearly 80 destinations in 44 countries, including Sydney and Melbourne. From 14th February 2013 there will be a new connection to Brisbane via Abu Dhabi.

Czech Airlines are present by its representative office in Sydney: Czeslotour Air Services – Suite 2804, Level 28, Australia Square, 264 George Street, Sydney NSW  2000, Telephone Freecall: 1800 063 257  Email:


Czech exports to Australia and New Zealand

According to the latest export data of the Czech Statistical Office for the first three quarters of the 2012 year, exports from the Czech Republic to Australia have reached 362 mil. USD and exports to New Zealand over 42 mil. USD. Export figures indicate strong trade performance, posting new record export volumes to both countries. Strong Australian dollar and weaker Czech crown contribute to the trend.

Toys and passenger vehicles remain the leading export articles to Australia and New Zealand in 2012.


Following graphs show the dynamics of major commodity exports in 2011 and first three quarters of the 2012 in Australia:


Export of passenger and goods vehicles, engineering machinery and electric generators perform best in the first nine months of 2012, exceeding the exports from previous year.



New Zealand:

Quite similarly in New Zealand, passenger vehicles, power generating machinery and newly also light aircrafts and explosives post better export figures already in the first nine months of 2012, compared to the previous year. 


Czech companies seeking for Australian and New Zealand partners

BIRKI - is the Czech manufacturer of ski and hiking poles. Company has been established in 1995 and over the years has managed to raise interest in several countries with its major line of ski poles for downhill, cross country skiing, hiking and trekking poles as well as increasingly popular Nordic Walking poles. Nordic Walking's concept was developed on the basis of off-season ski-training activity, involving applying force to the poles with each stride. Nordic walkers use more of their entire body (with greater intensity) and receive fitness building stimulation not present in normal walking for the chest, triceps, biceps, shoulder, abdominals, spinal and other core muscles that may result in significant increases in heart rate at a given pace. Nordic walking can produce up to 46% increase in energy consumption compared to walking without poles. It also has been demonstrated to increase upper body muscle endurance by 38% in just twelve weeks.

“We at BIRKI are proud to manufacture poles from design to final product in the Czech Republic using the latest aluminum and carbon materials in diameters of 14, 16 and 18 mm. Poles are being produced under our Birki's logo and can be also produced under custom made specifications with choice of colours and components.

In Australia and New Zealand we are looking for distributor/s not only in ski resorts, but also in major hiking areas and fitness centers to introduce top quality Czech poles to the wide sporting community. “

Contact:  Ms. Helena SCHROMMOVA, Marketing Manager

Telephone: +420 584 412 905

Fax: +420 584 412 904




TITANIA LUX - is a family owned company. We produce, assemble and deliver a wide range of home and interior lighting fixtures. We offer a full range of decorative lighting for both residential and commercial needs with a price to fit every taste, décor, and budget. Our company is located in Zelezny Brod, which is in the northern part of the Czech Republic. We sell our lighting products in the Czech Republic and we export them to many countries across the world (e.g. Russia, Kazakhstan, Netherlands, Austria, Germany, USA, etc.).

We produce brass chandelier frames at our factory, and we buy crystal trimmings mostly from Preciosa or Swarovski (according to our customers' wishes). All the chandeliers in our catalogues are available in various sizes, colors and finishes. We can produce custom designs to meet individual needs. More information about our company can be found at our website Our catalogues of standard chandeliers and custom chandeliers can be seen at

Furthermore, we are looking for new sales representatives and customers in Australia and/or New Zealand. We will gladly answer any questions about our products, production or business terms.

Contact:Ms. Iveta MARIKOVA, Mr. Karel MARIK, Export Managers
Telephone: +420 777 651 130, +420 777 614 978


CARTAX– the developer of innovative multifunctional copy machine – RoboCopy

RoboCopy was created for people and can be placed at any public place. Being able to produce b/w & color print, scan and copy as well as working with USB device, RoboCopy perfectly fits into any Educational Center, Student Campus or Library. From our own experience, State Institutions, Ministries, Inspections, Post and Telecommunications Departments as well as Consulates, Embassies, Visa Departments, working with large amount of paper and people are always in need of services RoboCopy can offer. Interestingly enough that Supermarkets, Airports, Railway,Underground & Bus Stations, being places for public gathering, are as well effective RoboCopy placements.

Company is looking for representation partner in Australia and New Zealand.

Contact: Mr. Miroslav FIEDLER, Export Manager
Telephone: +420 223 016 795, Mobile: +420 774 729 846


JIHLAVAN AIRPLANES – Our company JIHLAVAN airplanes, producer of SKYLEADER aircraft, currently seeks distributor or commercial agent in Australia capable to sell our aircraft to end customers (mainly individual users as well as flight schools and aero-clubs) with our full sales & marketing support. Potential applicants must have relevant experience in light aviation, knowledge of Australian LSA market and be willing and able to certify the aircraft at the Australian certification office.

Contact:Mr. Miroslav BOUBELA, Sales Manager
Telephone: +420 (567) 115312, Fax: +420 (567) 115323, Mob: +420 (774) 449024



ŽATEC BREWERY – Zatec Brewery is placed in the western part of the Czech Republic in the middle of Zatec/Saaz hop field region, known worldwide for the best quality hops. We are a relatively small regional brewery, focused on producing the best quality beer using the traditional methods of brewing and lagering. Only the best ingredients are used to produce our beer - Zatec hops, Moravian malt, our own yeast and local water. The homegrown Zatec hops are used at the 3 different stages throughout the brewing process rather than just in the final “hopping”.

We are looking for distribution partner/s in Australia and New Zealand.

Contact:  Mr. Radek VINCIK, Export Manager

Telephone: +420 415 710 783

Fax: +420 415 710 533





Aerosport Aviation Ltd.

Aerosport Aviation with principal director Anton Meier commenced operations 9 years ago in the field of Import Distribution of Light Sport Aircraft for the Australasian market sector. The company has been responsible for the promotion, import and distribution of the Zenair aircraft range manufactured by the then CZAW (Czech Aircraft Works) and with that factory involvement, Aerosport was associated with the development and release of the SportCruiser aircraft of which the very first wide body SportCruiser was manufactured for Aerosport Aviation.

During the past 9 years Aerosport has been a full time company dedicated to the promotion and sales of Light Sport Aircraft from the Czech Sport Aircraft factory based in Kunovice advertising extensively and presenting the product range at all major shows and events. Aerosport owns a private air park incorporating Office Block, Hangars, Private Runway, Accommodation, and Private Home, from where all head office operations are based, with designated Customer Support Centres and Service Support Centres throughout Australia, New Zealand and Indonesia.

Aerosport Aviation works closely with all customers ranging from Private individuals, Companies, AeroClubs, Flight Training Organisations and Leasing Companies.  Anton is a highly experienced and qualified Test Pilot with a wealth of knowledge of the Industry, the Market Place, Physical Flying Conditions, Customer needs and above all a familiarity and knowledge through a vast amount of personal flying hours achieved in the SportCruiser throughout the years since the inception of the SportCruiser. 

This experience is widely known and customers want to demo the SportCruiser under the control of Anton Meier so that they can see the aircraft being flown to its potential and gain experience of the vast knowledge that Anton possesses. This is a great influence for customers to purchase their aircraft from Aerosport and they know that they are being looked after by a company that understands them and their needs, and the aircraft and can offer advice to the customer to achieve safe and enjoyable flying. 

Aerosport was the first distributor in the world to promote and sell the SportCruiser for CZAW/CSA. Aerosport will be exhibiting at the Avalon Air Show from 27 February – 3 March 2013.  Do visit us and say hello, we would love to show you the SportCruiser Aircraft in the flesh.

For more information please visit our website at: or email Anton direct at





Tradeshows, Exhibitions, Events



Czech SportCruiser distributed by Aerosport Aviation will be present at Avalon 2013. At the past exhibitions in 2011 and 2009, visitors have had the chance to inspect some other Czech aircrafts present in Australia, such as Bristell presented by Anderson Aviation or Savage Classic, awarded best Factory Built Aircraft at Australian International Airshow 2009. Czech production of Light Sport Aircrafts in Australia and New Zealand is well known to all enthusiasts of recreational flying. Some other Czech aircraft brands present in the region are Evektor, TL Ultralight and Fantasy Air Allegro. Czech Republic is the second largest manufacturer of ultralight planes in the world.


Škoda cars successfully presented at the Australian International Motorshow 2012

The Motorshow 2012 took place from the 18th to 28th October in Darling Harbour in Sydney with participation of 135 000 visitors. In total, 11 Škoda cars were displayed including Fabia, Roomster, Superb, Yeti and Octavia. The Australian public was able to see for the first time the new model Rapid that will be available to purchase from the middle of the next year. The Skoda Superb Wagon and Rapid were two key stand out models on display mostly attracting the attention of Škoda stand visitors.

The Škoda has been experiencing very good year in Australia. It has sold 3260 cars during the January – October period that is 46% more than last year with the significant popularity of YETI and Fabia. The share of the total personal cars sales market has risen by 0,1% for Škoda.

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Sources: CzechTrade, CzechInvest, Czech Statistical Office and public media.

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