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Driving Motor Vehicles in the Czech Republic

Information about road traffic regulations in the Czech Republic.

Rules that drivers in the Czech Republic must follow

a) Except for small motorcycles (cylinder volume up to 50 cm3) which can be driven by persons of the age of 15 and older, only persons 18 years and older can drive motor vehicles in the CR.

b) The technical condition of the vehicle must be in accordance with traffic regulations.

c) To drive on highways, vehicle must display highway sticker on the front wind shield. Detailed information about these stickers can be obtained at border crossings and larger petrol stations.

d) All passengers must wear safety belts. The front seat passenger must not be younger than 12 years.

e) Both the rider and the passenger must wear safety helmets when riding a motorcycle (faster than 40 km/h).

f) Speed limits are the following:

highway and motorway: 130 km/h
road: 90 km/h
residential area: 50 km/h

The limits listed above are general only. The highest permitted speed on a traffic sign prevails at all times.

g) Passing is permitted on the left side only. When passing and turning, it is necessary to use a turn signal. Drivers are forbidden to continue driving (even when turning right), at the appearance of a red traffic light.


All outstanding traffic related fines that have not been paid before leaving the Czech Republic are administered via Customs Administration of the Czech Republic.


For further information contact Customs Administration of the Czech Republic.