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Study in Prague - Faculty of social sciences - chance for You if You are fluent in English

Kdy: 14.03.2014 09:30 - 30.04.2014 16:00, Kde: Prague

Faculty of Social Sciences, Charles University in Prague is seeking talented and ambitious candidates for its English language degree programmes. The application deadline for the academic year 2014/2015 is 30th April. There is 11 degree programmes taught in English, fully acredited by Czech Ministry of Education. There are two new programmes - Public and Social Policy (PSP) and Sociology in European context (SEC). For more information about all programmes offered, applications, eligibility, fees and scholarships please visit or or address enquiries to The Faculty of Sciences is a part of Charles University, one of the oldest universities of the world. The faculty offers some of the highest quality Bachelors, Masters and PhD degree programmes in Central and Eastern Europe in all fields of social sciences. Information of the Faculty of Social Sciences about Summer Seminar: Summer Seminar on Nationalism, Religion and Violence 2014 The Summer Seminar on Nationalism, Religion and Violence 2014 organized by the Charles University in Prague and International Hellenic University in Thessaloniki with support of LSEE is ready to launch its second year. A key goal of the Summer Seminar, taking place in Prague from 23rd June to 4th July 2014, is to contribute in a substantial way to the study of violence and to catalyze the growth of the study of violence as a field. It is led by international researchers from universities with excellent reputation such as Oxford, NYU or LSE targeting students and graduates of Political Science, History, Anthropology, International Relations, International Law, Journalism and other related disciplines. The course can be taken by both undergraduates and graduate students. We believe that the success we had in the previous seminar Nationalism, Religion and Violence in SE Europe in Thessaloniki in 2013 will enable us to continue educating intellectual elites in the region and globally as well as stimulate intercultural understanding.

Bachelor´s Degree Programme:

Bachelor in Economics and Finance (BEF)

Master´s Degree Programmes:

  • Balkan, Eurasian and Central European Studies (BECES)
  • Central European Comparative Studies (CECS)
  • Corporate Finance and Strategy (CFS)
  • European Studies (ES)
  • Geopolitical Studies (GPS)
  • International Economic and Political Studies (IEPS)
  • International Masters in Economy, State and Society (IMESS)
  • Master in Economics and Finance (MEF)
  • Master in International Security Studies (MISS)
  • Public and Social Policy (PSP)
  • Transatlantic Studies (TS)