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Turistický trolejbus pro Chivu

Kdy: 08.05.2013

Šestnáctistránkové uzbecké noviny UZBEKISTAN TRAVEL NEWS (UTN) vydávané v ruštině a angličtině v nákladu 5 tisíc výtisků ve svém pátém vydání roku 2013, který byl odeslán do tisku 14. května 2013 na straně 16 v rubrice "Novinky" přetisknul článek Sergeje Danilova zveřejněný na portálu nazvaný "Turistický trolejbus pro Chivu", podle kterého místní i zahraniční návštěvníci Urgenče budou mít možnost již brzy podniknout výlet do středověkého města Chorezmu turistickým trolejbusem. Článek informuje, že v roce 2013 bude do uzbeckého města Urgenč dodáno 9 nových trolejbusů české výroby. Na trase Urgenč - Chiva se objeví speciálně vybavené turistické trolejbusy, které se stanou dobrou ekologickou alternativou pro dopravu zahraničních turistů do Chivy.

Text článku v angličtině:

Tour trolleybus for Khiva

The local and foreign visitors of Urgench in the near future will be able to make a trip about the ancient cit y of Khorezm on the tourist trolleybus.

In any case, the tour operators that have recently been in Khorezm on the purpose of the study of the region’s tourist potential do not exclude the reality of this idea. The tour operators immediately assess future prospects f the tour trolleybuses having been informed by local colleagues that in 2013 in Urgench will be put into work nine new trolleybuses of Czech production, and in the coming months local authorities should bring the entire transport and electrical infrastructure trolleybus lines in order.

The appearing of specially equipped tourist trolleybuses on the route “Urgench-Khiva” will be a good alternative to the delivery of foreign tourists to Khiva, and the journey by these eco-friendly transports can become a fascinating trip with a good excursion program. According to experts of the project, international experience of bus trips, such as in London, shows their increasing popularity among tourists, so the longest trolleybus line in the region will be able to add exoticism for fascinating journey as a trip about the most famous city of Khorezm oasis. Local tour operators have already been thinking of scripts meeting tourists.

According to one of them, on arrival at the international airport “Urgench” travelers “suddenly” discover that they will go on the tourist trolleybus, on the way they will be able to visit the morning market and to listen to the traditional national Khorezm music in the cabin of buses. Regarding representatives of the tour business trip by trolley may become an independent route. In particular, during the trip except an interesting tour escort can be organized a small concert of Khorezm performers as well as tasting of oriental sweets and seasonal fruits, watching videos, and stops along the route in order to familiarize visitors with the peculiarities of life in rural areas.

There is nothing unexpected in the proposals of the native tourist industry. The experience used in the world’s longest high-85-mile trolleybus line “Simferopol-Yalta” for tourist aims is well known beyond the bounds of Ukraine. On this route run trolleys with air conditioning, huge panoramic windows and soft seats, in which each guest will be given gifts such as mineral water, mints, napkins and fans prepared beforehand. As the company “Krym resort” reports Swiss tourists call trolley route “Simferopol Yalta” as one of the main attractions in the Crimea.

In the Czech Republic the project “Golden Prague” has been realized for two years, in which retro trolley Skoda 9tr specially restored for tours. Trolleybus was converted into a portable bar where passengers are offered soft drinks, smoothies, ice cream and it has a modern LCD-panel as well. Thus the plans of tour operators are fairly realistic and well-timed. The local business, studying new opportunities and putting new tourist services into practice, actively contributes to the development of tourism in the region.

Tour trolleybus for Khiva


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