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Výstava Atentát na Reinharda Heydricha - smrt architekta holokaustu

Kdy: 24.07.2012 20:00 - 22.08.2012 18:00, Kde: Dvora Fischer Gallery at ZOA House (Ibn Gvirol 26, Tel Aviv)

The exhibition, Reinhard Heydrich assassination – the death of the holocaust architect, has been put together in order to remember the 70th anniversary of the operation organized by the Czechoslovakia anti-nazi resistance movement and carried out in the framework of so called operation ANTHROPOID on May 27, 1942.

The exhibition, mainly focused on the war period 1939 – 1945, is composed of 15 pannels placed in to five display cases. The exhibition core is describing situation in the fall of 1941, when Heydrich is arriving to Prague, to his assassinaton in May 1942. The pannels show the assassination preparation and its execution by the members of the Czechoslovakian units abroad and the consequences coming from the Germans for the Czech nation after the Heydrich’s death. Very significant part of the display is dedicated to the Heydrich‘s plans, also known as the final solution of the Jewish question, he had been working on since 1939.

The display also introduces broader relationships between the Czech and Jewish nations mainly in the 20th century beginning from the personality of the Czechoslovakia president Masaryk who was representing one of the defenders in, as called, Hilsner‘s affair till the end of 1940’s when Czechoslovakia assisted to the young state of Israel in the weapon delivery.

Besides the text and photo documents there will also be shown some parts directly connected to the assassination. For example: parts of parachutes, uniforms and personal belongings of the soldiers who committed the assassination. 

The exhibition has been put together by the authors from the Military History Institute Prague that belongs to the most significant military history institutions in the Czech Republic and of which tradition reaches to 1920’s of the last century.



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