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Film Matěje Mináče na Jeruzalémském filmovém festivalu

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Kdy: 07.07.2011 18:00 - 12.07.2011 22:00, Kde: Jerusalem Cinemateque

Velvyslanectví České republiky vás srdečně zve na projekce dokumentárního filmu Matěje Mináče - Nicky's Family v rámci 28. Jeruzalémského filmového festivalu.

The Embassy of the Czech Republic cordially invites you tothe 28th JERUSALEM FILM FESTIVAL 7 – 16 / 7 / 2011 where the Czech Film

NICKY’S FAMILY by Matej Minac

will be screened

on Tuesday, 12.07.2011, 17.45 in Jerusalem Cinemateque

in the presence of film director Matej Minac, Czech Ambasador H.E. Tomas Pojar and one of the Winton´s kids Mr. Hugo Marom

Other screenings:

Friday, 08.07.2011, 17.30

Monday, 11.07.2011, 19.45

 In 1938, twenty-nine-year-old Sir Nicholas Winton was preparing to take a vacation when he received a call from a friend who told him that he was leaving for Prague and needed his help. Winton didn’t hesitate and changed his plans. In Prague, he learned about the refugees fleeing Hitler’s army and about the many children who were in danger of losing their lives. Winton decided to take action and by September 1939, he managed to arrange visas and admission to British families for nearly 700 Central European mostly Jewish children. After the War, he returned to his private life and never mentioned this incident. Fifty years later, his wife found a scrapbook full of documents and transport plans….

Award-winning team Director Matej Minac and production partner Patrik Pass present a moving portrait of a man who took heroic risks during wartime to save the lives of others. Today, 102-year-old Nicholas Winton is unbelievably active and still engaged in charity work. He is surrounded by his children, his grandchildren, and of course, all of his rescued “children” who today represent almost 6,000 people. “To remember only historical facts is not enough. We should concentrate more on the positive side of history and thus learn kindness, love, honesty, morality and mutual help and compassion” (Nicholas Winton, 2009).

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