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Handover ceremony of another Czech hydrogeological development project

Handover ceremony of Czech development project aimed at know-how transfer in rehabilitation of water wells, implemented by Czech company Vodní Zdroje took place at USUG at the beginning of December 2013.

On 5 December 2013, the outcomes of Czech development project “Rehabilitation of nonfunctional water sources for the drinking water supply in Ulaanbaatar city” were handed over to Water Supply Management Authority (USUG) at their Cultural Hall.  Mrs. I. Grollová, Ambassador of the Czech Republic in Mongolia, Mr. S. Unen, Director General of USUG, Mr. T. Hájek, Director of implementing company Vodní Zdroje, D. Slavík, Director of Czemus company (Mongolian subsidiary of Vodní zdroje), representatives of the Ministry of Environment and Green Development, Ministry of Construction and Urban Development, Capital City Administration, USUG and others participated at this event.   

The main goal of this project was to rehabilitate 70 old wells in the ˮDrinking Water Central Resource Area“ with the purpose of extending their service life and increasing their yield by more than 30 percent on average. At the same time, the Czech company transferred rehabilitation technologies and trained USUG staff. Within the scope of this development project special submersible camera high quality PVC piping tubes were delivered. Additionally, 18 new wells for observation purposes were drilled and based on the collected data hydraulic model and protection zone for the whole central area was created, including the identification of potential sources of contamination.   

During the project implementation it was found out that Mongolia has no system for monitoring of the ground water resources, its further projections and water flow modeling. These data are, however, vital for emergency measures in case accidents. Therefore, the Czech project brought first pilot demonstration of these issues.

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