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URGENT INFORMATION! Would you like to take part in OSCE Election Observation Mission of the presidential election in Mongolia?

Mongolia became the 57th member of OSCE in the fall of 2012. One of the activities of OSCE is organization of observation missions to elections, during which the member states help each other by monitoring the preparations for elections, their course and report to each other on administrative, procedural and other findings. The member states share their experiences in the light of finding quick solutions. They observe the legality of the election process and at the end they prepare independent election observation statement. Therefore the member states help each other to build high quality democratic institutions and mechanisms, which are marked by free and independent election.

The current election observation mission was invited by the Government of Mongolia itself, so that the observation of the presidential election is unbiased and so that the Mongolian politicians, law makers and volunteers in the electoral commissions, media and citizens-voters can benefit from the experience of the other 56 member states.

The main part of the election observation mission is formed by LTOs (long term observers) and STOs (short term observers) deployed directly from the member OSCE member states (there are 6 observers arriving from the Czech Republic).  However, all accredited embassies can add up to 6 locally recruited STOs – who will be divided into two member teams.

Czech Embassy can also nominate citizens of other EU and OSCE participating states not having their respective Embassies in Ulaanbaatar as locally recruited short-term observers. However, they have to already be in Mongolia.

What do you need to do in order to become a locally recruited STO? (This recruitment is valid for the first round of election, in case of second round, the recruitment will be repeated).

1. You must be a citizen of the Czech Republic with valid visa for stay in Mongolia. (The information on citizens of other EU countries, who do not have an accredited embassy in Mongolia will be received and published at the beginning of the next week at the latest).

2. STO must not have a concurrent commitments on the following dates:

·22.6. (Availability for at least the second half of the day to personally participate in the STO briefing in Ulaanbaatar).

· 26.6. (Availability to work throughout election dayin approx. 10 polling stations according to the deployment plan between 7:00 AM to 10:00 PM).

3. You must be proficient in English. (For communication with the Core Team, final reports, briefing etc.). Note: if there are two candidates applying to one STO team, at least one person must be English proficient.

4. You must be proficient in Mongolian language or be able to cover the costs for hired interpreter (40 EUR per day, 30 EUR per day if hired for more than one day).

5. You must arrange for a driver or your own vehicle to the area of deployment (in case of deployment area outside of Ulaanbaatar, you have to be deployed by 25.6. in the evening, so that you are present at the opening of polling stations at 7:00 AM or be prepared to pay for vehicle, driver, interpreter hire to OSCE, total cost is estimated at 125-425 EUR per person (depending on the distance of the area of deployment from UB).

6. You must have an adequate insurance coverage in case of need of personal injury, damage, loss of property or need of hospital care in Mongolia.

7. Send the attached OSCE/ODIHR form completed and returned together with a digital passport size photo and a scan of the personal data page of the passport to the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Ulaanbaatar, at ulaanbaatar@embassy.mzv.cz by Thursday, June 6th, 2013, at the latest. Please insert “Election Observation Mission” into the subject line of the email and confirm the delivery of the email with the Embassy’s assistant at Mongolian number (976-11) 321 886 ext. 11 or our EOM liason person Ms. Mongolmaa at (976-11) 321 886 ext. 20.

The Embassy must nominate the STOs to the OSCE Core Team by Friday, June 7th, 2013, at the latest, so no applications returned after the deadline will be accepted.

Each STO team consisting of 2 members must have its own vehicle with a driver and a Mongolian-speaking member or an interpreter. The OSCE/ODIHR Core Team will evaluate all applications, create deployment plan, assign vehicles, interpreters etc. The final decision about your selection for an STO will be send to you by the Embassy within 10 days from returning your application form.

For specific information about the code of conduct and responsibilities of STOs you can visit www.osce.org/odihr/elections/68439. All previous or future OSCE final reports and statements can be found at www.osce.org/odihr/elections.

Detailed information about Election Observation Mission to Mongolia is available online at http://www.osce.org/odihr/elections/101349.

We are looking forward to your cooperation!



Registration form 73 KB DOC (Word document) May 31, 2013

Observer form 15 KB DOCX (FILE_TYPE_DOCX) May 31, 2013

Assistant form 15 KB DOCX (FILE_TYPE_DOCX) May 31, 2013