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The Czech Republic, together with the only three other resident Embassies of the EU countries in Mongolia, take turns in holding the local Presidency of the EU each half a year.

At the conclusion of this year Czech Local EU Presidency, the lunch of the EU Ambassadors with the Chief Commissioner of the National Human Rights Commission of Mongolia Prof. Dr. Jamsrangiin BYAMBADORJ and his colleagues was organized on 9 December 2013. Very open debate and Exchange of experience took place on issues as capacity building adn implementation of obligations that states voluntarily take on themselves by joining the international human rights instruments. Problems where also touched upon which halt the protection by states of their citizens´ human rights and freedoms – such as corruption, lack of human rights understanding by authorities or ineffective methods of monitoring of situation. The meeting took place one day before the International Day of Human Rights which in the year 1989 started the democratic changes in Mongolia, after which Mongolia, side by side with many other democracies, has made an stand in the UN and on other international fora for elimination of discrimination and building effective mechanisms of protection human rights and freedoms of each individual in the society.

By the above meeting the Czech Republic concluded the half-year period during the Mongolia – EU relations witnessed several important exchanges. This half-year CZ LPRES started with the session of the Joint Committee on Economic Issues, with the sub-committee on trade and the exhibition on development project implemented in Mongolia by the EU or individual EU member states. A regular visit and high level meetings with Mongolian authorities was organized for the EU Ambassadors accredited for Mongolia from Beijing, who came in record number this year. The visit of the President of the European Commission Manuel Barroso took place with talks, among other, on future implementation of the Partnership and Cooperation Agreement (PCA) signed between the EU and Mongolia, and with the 3rd EU Film Festival in Ulaanbaatar on the cultural front.