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Second Committee of the 55th General Assembly

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  • Statement by Ms. Jana Simonova, Representative to United Nations Pledging Conference for Development Activities
    New York, November 1, 2000

Statement by Ms. Jana Simonova, Representative to United Nations Pledging Conference for Development Activities

Mr. President,

Let me congratulate you on your having been elected to the chair of this conference.

Mr. President,

The Czech Republic associated itself with the statement of the European Union as presented by the French presidency earlier this morning. The Czech Republic has been a strong supporter of UN development cooperation in terms of both active participation in Executive Boards and adequate financial commitments. We communicated our voluntary contributions for 2001 to the Secretariat in a written form in due time. Our lasting commitment is being expressed by the total increase in voluntary contributions for UN development cooperation in 2001 by 8,3%.

Nevertheless, the Czech delegation also believes that the current Pledging Conference format does not serve its purpose any more. Apparently, public announcements of individual countries commitments do not secure sufficient funding. In addition, the current reporting on the Pledging Conference does not enable countries to be informed about pledges made and payments provided. The report which has been annually presented to us summarizes contributions pledged or paid without any distinction. The mix of pledged and paid contributions makes the data provided in the report unclear and incomplete. For all these reasons, we support the proposal to pursue the elimination of the existing Pledging Conference.

However, the Pledging Conference should not been abolished without introducing another pledging mechanism which would better serve its purpose in a less costly way. We welcome new multi-year funding frameworks established in major funds and programmes, such as UNDP, UNFPA and UNICEF and believe that they will bring the desired increase in funding. But besides the major funds and programmes, there are numerous small programmes and funds which do not have their own funding mechanisms and their existence depends mainly on the Pledging Conference. In addition to that, there is still a need for having the whole picture about the funding of all funds and programmes engaged in UN operational activities for development. Both these needs could be accommodated, in our view, through a new mechanism based on written pledges communicated to Secretary General and through enhanced reporting showing separately pledges made for the current year and payments delivered in the previous years, both in breakdown by funds and programmes and countries. This enhanced report could be made available for annual consideration of the financial situation of UN funds and programmmes in ECOSOC segment of operational activities as already suggested by resolution 53/192.

Mr. President,

Our delegation would like to explore possible formats of a new pledging mechanism for small funds and programmes which would better serve to our countries needs in informal consultations with other delegations and the Secretariats concerned. We believe that the forthcoming consideration of Triennual Policy Review in the 56th session of the General assembly will provide a good opportunity for resolving this issue. Let me conclude with expressing our hope that a more suitable format for ensuring financing of all UN funds and programmes performing in UN development cooperation will be found soon.