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Diplomatic relations Czechoslovakia/Czech Republic - Republic of Austria


Vlastimil Tusar, první diplomatický zástupce Československa v Rakousku<br>Zdroj: Úřad vlády ČR

Vlastimil Tusar, plenipotentiary of the Czechoslovak Republic

Source: Government of the Czech Republic

After the World War I were the relations between Austria and Czechoslovakia first conditioned particularly by economic relations and unsolved issues resulting from the division of the former Austrian-Hungarian state union. The mediator of the initial contacts was the Office of the Czechoslovak Plenipotentiary, established in Vienna at the beginning of November 1918 in virtue of the Czechoslovak National Committee's decision. Following the subscription of the peace treaty with Austria on 10 September 1919 in Saint-Germain, both parties proceeded to establish diplomatic relations. A prerequisite for their initiation on the Czechoslovak side was a successful enforcement of the Czechoslovak Foreign Policy Conceptual Framework concerning Austria, which was met by signing a Protocol with Austria on 12 January 1920. The diplomatic relations between both countries were taken up implicitly as the first Austrian chargé d´affaires handed out a cabinet letter to the Foreign Minister Eduard Beneš on 20 January 1920, the Czechoslovak chargé d´affaires handed out his cabinet letter after 24 January 1920. The diplomatic relations expired by means of the Anschluss of Austria.

The World War II being terminated both parties came up to re-establish diplomatic relations. In November 1945, upon petition of the Foreign minister and with regard to a recommendation of the Allied Council for Austria, the presidency of the Czechoslovak government adopted a resolution to recognize the Karl Renner's government in a declarative way as well as the occupational powers did on 20 October 1945. Afterwards, representatives bearing an official title of a "commissioner to promote Czechoslovak interests in Austria" and a "commissioner to promote Austrian interests in Czechoslovakia" were interchanged. These commissioners were accredited before the respective Foreign minister. Based upon a decision of the Allied Council in Austria from 25 February 1946, the Austrian government was permitted to send out political representatives abroad and receive political representatives of foreign countries. In terms of this decision, the Czechoslovak government decided on 23 April 1946 to recognize Austria and its government de iure and interchange political representatives with it. On 29 April 1946 the Czechoslovak commissioner to Austria was promoted to a political representative of the Czechoslovak Republic to Austria and the Austrian commissioner in Prague was entrusted with an analogous function. On 28 June 1946 a new accord of the four occupational powers on the control mechanism in Austria was signed in Vienna. In its article 7, the Austrian government was entitled to establish normal diplomatic relations with the UN member countries´ governments. Provided that the Czechoslovak government decree from 13 November 1945 authorized the Foreign minister to carry on the interchange of diplomatic representatives on condition that some of the occupational powers does so at the head, the handing out of credentials by the US Ambassador to Austria on 7 September 1946 formed favourable conditions for the reestablishment of the Czechoslovak-Austrian diplomatic relations. In the course of a visit paid to the general secretary of the Czechoslovak Ministry of Foreign Affaires on 2 October 1946, the Austrian political representative to Czechoslovakia delivered an official proposal of the Austrian government to re-establish a regular diplomatic and consular representation between both countries. The above-mentioned proposal came true when the Austrian envoy to Czechoslovakia Adrian Rotter and the Czechoslovak envoy František Bořek-Dohalský were conferred agrément.

On 8 January 1975, the Federal Ministry of Foreign Affaires of the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic (CSSR) announced in the press that the government of the CSSR and the federal government of the Austrian Republic decided to promote their mutual diplomatic representations to embassies. Onward, the diplomatic relations have been executed by the medium of diplomatic missions in both countries.