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Poland and the Czech Republic: Advocates of the EU Enlargement?

On Tuesday, December 14, 2010 presentation of the publication “Poland and the Czech Republic: Advocates of the EU Enlargement?” took place in Warsaw. The event was organized by the Institute for European Policy EUROPEUM in Prague in co-operation with the Centre for European Strategy demosEUROPA and was held with support of the Czech-Polish Forum.

President of the Centre of European Strategy Pawel Swieboda opened the conference. Next, Ambassador of the Czech Republic Jan Sechter expressed thanks to directors and experts for their joint efforts on the topic What role can the Czech Republic and Poland play in the further enlargement of the EU and in the European Neighborhood Policy. “I appreciate the work of both, directors and experts. However, I would also like to mention the role of the Czech-Polish Forum, a project fund established within our ministries of foreign affairs in order to keep up the existing level of cooperation, to attempt the creation of new topics, new perspectives, new attitudes as well as to provide the sometimes necessary correction of diplomats´ and politicians´ efforts.”

“The enlargement and the neighborhood are not new topics. From our previous experience we know that our membership was realized under different circumstances on the side of the “enlargement wish-fulls” and in different state of the EU and acquis communautaire, which, on one hand, is more complicated and on the other hand, thanks to the Lisbon Treaty, has or at least should have the capacity to increase the effectiveness of the enlarged EU. The Czech Republic and Poland have good starting prerequisites as our experiences of the accession process are still fresh. We are aware of the benefits and disadvantages on both sides – for the EU as well as for the joining side, because not too long ago we were in both roles.”

The main ideas of the publication were presented by Adam Balcar, Director of the programme “EU enlargement and neighbourhood”, DemosEUROPA-Centre for European Strategy Warsaw and David Král, Director, EUROPEUM Institute for European Policy Prague. The following speakers took part in the panel discussion: Barbara Lipper, Director of Studies, Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik, Berlin; Tija Memišević, Director, European Research Center, Sarajevo; Stanislav Secrieru, Associate Researcher, Center for East-European and Asian Studies, Bucharest/Chisinau; Ivan Vejvoda, Vice-President, German Marshall Fund of the United States, Washington DC; Professor Hakan Yilmaz, President, Centre for European Studies, Bosphorus University, Istanbul.



Speach by the Ambassador of Czech Republic J. Sechter


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