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Czech Personalities in USA

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Notable Americans with Czech Roots

Madeleine Albright, US Secretary of State
Fred Astaire, dancer
Alfred Bader, founder of Aldrich Chemical Company, art collector, philanthropist
Richard Bassett, US Senator, signer of US Constitution
George Blanda, football player
Louis D. Brandeis, US Supreme Court Justice
Barbara Pierce Bush, US First Lady
Thomas Cech, chemist, Nobel Prize Laureate
Antonín Čermák, mayor of Chicago
Eugene Cernan, astronaut
Carl Cori and Gerty Theresa Cori, medical researchers, Nobel Prize Laureates
Francis Dvorník, historian
Rudolf Firkušný, pianist
Abraham Flexner, educator, reformer of US medical education
Simon Flexner, medical researcher, founder & Director of Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research
Miloš Forman, movie director
Rudolf Friml, music composer
George S. Halas, "Papa Bear," football player and owner of the Chicago Bears
John Havlicek, basketball player
Augustine Herman, first Czech settler in US, creator of the first accurate map of MD and VA
Václav Hlavatý, mathematician
Ales Hrdlička, founder of American physical anthropology
Karel Husa, composer
Karl Jansky, founder of radio astronomy
Maria Jeritza, opera singer
Otto Kerner, Jr., Governor of Illinois
John F. Kerry, US Senator
Erich Wolfgang Korngold, composer
Ray Kroc, founder of the McDonald
Ivan Lendl, tennis player
Jim Lovell, astronaut
Stanley Frank Musial, baseball player
Martina Navrátilová, tennis player
Jan Nepomuk Neumann, Bishop of Philadelphia, the first US male Saint
Kim Novak, movie star
Jarmila Novotná, opera singer
Frederick Philipse, wealthiest man in New Amsterdam (New York)
Albín Polášek, sculptor
Adolph J. Sabath, US Congressman
Arnold Schoenberg, composer
Joseph Alois Schumpeter, economist
Petr Sís, illustrator
Rudolf Serkin, pianist
Josef Škvorecký, writer
Sissy Spacek, movie star
Nicholas Sparks, writer
George Szell, conductor of the Cleveland Orchestra
Helen Taussig, medical researcher
George Voskovec, actor
Karl Wallenda,founder of the Flying Wallenda, Ringling Brothers a Barnum & Bailey Circus
Jaromír Weinberger, composer
René Wellek, founder of literary criticism and comparative literature
Franz Werfel, writer
Isaac Mayer Wise, Rabbi, founder of US Reform Judaism
David Zeisberger, Moravian missionary among Indians
Compiled by Míla Rechcigl