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Business Cooperation, Joint Venture



BNGgroup assists companies that want to enter markets of the Czech Republic and Slovakia. BNGgroup can help with arranging a contract with a strong and well known distributor, with clear history and references or asupplier of Czech products.

Contact: Rene Novotny, Dusan Bocek
Address: Heydukova 896/11, Praha 8, Czech Republic
Telephone: +420 739 456 817 (Dusan Bocek), +420 775 755 304 (Rene Novotny)
E-mail: rnovotny@bnggroup.cz, dbocek@bnggroup.cz
Web: www.bnggroup.cz

Uploaded: Sept 8, 2011


Brain Logistics


  • Consulting company founded in 2003
  • Seeking contacts in technology incubators
  • Regions of interest – Virginia, New Jersey

Mr. Viliam Gracz, Managing Partner

Address: Brain Logics, Spalena 51, 110 00 Praha 1, Czech Republic
Phone: +420-736-682-823
E-mail: gracz@brainlogistics.cz
Web: www.brainlogistics.cz


Pavel Truksa

Phone: (+420) 541 225 482
Cell: (+420) 603 476 316
E-mail: ptruksa@chello.cz
Contact person: Mr. Pavel Truksa

Mr. Truksa has developed a system of demountable living containers. The containers are easily operable and can be put together as a multistoried building. They are used primarily for military purposes. Mr. Truksa is looking for a manufacturer who would be able to produce large amount of these containers in top quality.

Pavol Floris

Levobrezni ul. 8
190 00 Praha 9
Phone: (+420) 724 840 937
Fax: (+420) 233 542 494
E-mail: p.floris@centrum.cz
Web: http://p.floris.sweb.cz/
Contact person: Mr. Pavol Floris

A developer and producer of wind, hand and combinec pumps under brand "Floris". These are being used for pumping drinable or non-drinkable water.

Looking for a salesman representing "Floris" in USA, alternatively they are searching for a producer who would be interested to buy the production know-how.

CRAYOMINE-CZ, a.s. / G GROUP Holding

Baarova 45
140 00 Praha 4 - Michle
Czech Republic
Phone: (+420) 241 485 137
Fax: (+420) 241 485 139
E-mail: busek@crayomine.cz
Web: www.ggroup.cz
Contact person: Mr. Jiri Busek

G GROUP Holding is a large, financially strong and successful Czech holding company. At present time it has got free capacities in some of its plants which it would like to fill in co-operation with a foreign partner - the company would like to establish a business relationship with US partners in the fields of joint venture, production partnership, trade co-operation, rental of production capacities, etc. For more information about the company, free capacities available, technologies at hand, partnership types offered and comparative strengths of the holding company please check the following link: www.koh-i-noor.cz/investice.

New Design Containers

Vrablovec 99
747 14 Ludgerovice
Cell.: (+420) 607 521 574
E-mail: ndc@volny.cz
Web: www.ndcpet.com
Contact person: Mr. Oto Musalek

NCD is a small company developing new environmentally friendly bottles and drink packages.They are looking for US PET bottle’s manufacturers for their customers in the US. They offer a new patented PET bottles and containers and they will deliver blowing moulds and provide sales in the US market.

Future Product Design a.s.

Hvozdanska 3
148 00 Praha 4
Phone: (+ 420) 234 374 842, 721 636 900
E-mail: borovicka@telab-corp.com
Web: www.fpdco.com
Contact person: Mr. Tomas Borovicka - Sen. Business Manager

Future Product Design Corp. ( FPD ) is financially strong and successful holding company. At present time it has got free capacities in distribution, logistic, installation and testing that would like to offer for cooperation with US partners in any of following fields : joint venture, production partnership, trade co-oparation, rental production and warehouse capacities ets. The strongest fields of FPD are telecommunicatins, SW, manufacturing of lattice towers, technological containers, sport halls, warehousing and other products. In case of interest package of our stocks can be released for a serious partner.