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Ceramics & Chinaware

Rudolf Kämpf, s.r.o.

Rudolf Kämpf is a porcelain factory that retains its highest standards of handiwork providing premium quality of its production, creating exclusive limited series rejoicing the hearts of connoisseurs and collectors. The hard porcelain produced by Rudolf Kämpf is extremely strong, highly resistant to heat and acids, impermeable, translucent, has clam-shell fracture and produce a clear bell-ringing sound when struck. Rudolf Kämpf porcelain is represented by small collections. The manufacturer usually produces unique articles or short series.

Contact: Petr Kovylin
Address: U Porcelanky 143, Loucky, 357 34 Nove Sedlo
Telephone: +420 352 669 305, Fax: +420 352 669 377
E-mail: info@rudolfkampf.com 
Web: www.rudolfkampf.eu

Uploaded: Sept 8, 2011


PREMIA, s.r.o.

Zitavska 63
460 11 Liberec 11
Phone: (+420) 485 100 106, 485 103 978
Fax: (+420) 485 100 106
E-mail: premia@volny.cz
Web: www.wz.cz
Contact person: Mr. Pavel Trcka

Premia export agency represents several Czech small and medium producers of utility and decorative ceramic, glass, and decorative items. It is seeking cooperation with U.S. importers and distributors.


Maje 30
360 01 Karlovy Vary
Phone: (+420) 353 406 111
Fax: (+420) 353 449 127
E-mail: karlovyvary@gbkv.cz
Web: www.hotelovy-porcelan.cz
Contact person: Mr. Rostislav Vondruska   

G. Benedikt Karlovy Vary, a manufacturer of tableware for hotels and restaurants, is looking for importers and dustributors in the U.S.


Oblanov 20
541 01 Trutnov
Phone: (+420) 439 815 153
Fax: (+420) 439 815 693
E-mail: gallery@studio-kout.com, kout@studio-kout.com
Web: www.studio-kout.com
Contact person: Mr. Vaclav Hornych   

Since the mid-eighties, Milan Kout has focused his attention on translucent ceramics, which have won him several gold medals around the world. The translucent nature of the ceramics, when light and air can pass through, creates an incredible effect of weightlessness lightness and fragility, enabling non-traditional use of the interior. Studio Kout completed the long-awaited development of its unique technology to manufacture clay relieves in 2001. Clay relief can briefly be described as a ceramic plaque 4-6 mm thick, the dimensions of which vary between 15-40 cm. There is always a motif on the plaque, which ranges in depth from 1-2 mm. The relief is very similar to fossils and is coloured with engobe or glaze. The maintanance is easy; the whole plaque can be washed with water. This unique decoration can either be hung on the wall or stood anywhere – a set of 3-6 pieces looks incredible. The number of existing motifs is growing continuously.

KERAVIT spol. s r. o.

Koterova 3
Ostrava, 706 02
Phone: (+420) 595 357 049
Fax: (+420) 595 926 724
E-mail: ostrava@keravit.cz
Web: www.keravit.cz

Keravit, Ltd. is looking for contacts in the USA to export Czech porcelain. Keravit, Ltd. has been a traditional producer of refractory ceramic materials for more than 160 years. The products have been used in the following industries:

- Metallurgical and Steel Industries
- Cement Works and Lime Works
- Chemical and Coking Industries
- Power Generation Industry
- Building Industry
- Ceramic Industry

Shaped sortiment:
Parts for casting sets: Casting tubes, channels, king bricks, stopper tubes, funnels, teeming nozzles, pocket blocks, etc. Straight shapes,wedges, radial and key bricks Burners Chimney, tubes and acid resistant shapes Boiler shaped bricks Precast units made of LCC refractory low cement castables Insulating plates for heads of cast-iron mould Exothermic plates for risers. Thermal insulating shapes,special shapes in accordance with drawings.

Manufactured unshaped assortment:
Mortars Moulding mixtures and ramming mixes Ceramic modelling masses. Coke and asphalt mass, Refractory castables and classical with a low cement content (LCC).