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ZENIT, spol. s r.o.

Prazska 162
286 01 Caslav
Phone: (+420) 327 304 890, 327 304 397
Fax: (+420) 327 313 688
E-mail: info@zenit-caslav.cz
Web: www.zenit-caslav.cz

Zenit is a major manufacturer of chemical products for the household and industrial puprpose.. It also manufactures products to the customer specification or under a "private label". Zenit specializes in ecological products, is ISO 9001:2001 certified.


Uprkova 6
695 30 Hodonin
Phone: (+420) 628 315 429
Fax: (+420) 628 340 101
E- mail: veselskyj@mnd.cz
Web: http://www.mnd.cz
Contact person: Mr. Jan Veselsky

The company offers devices for extraction of gas and oil.


K Berance 1934
193 00 Praha 9
Phone: (+420) 281 921 393
Phone/Fax: (+420) 281 922 258
Web: http://www.plynostav-holding.cz
Contact Person: Ms. Natasa Kabicka, Head of Commercial Division

General Director: Ing. Frantisek Fiser
Commercial Director: JUDr. Vaclav Marsalek
Sukova 1556
582 33 Pardubice
Phone: (+420) 271 746 954
Fax: (+420) 271 745 893

Plynostav Pardubice Holding a.s. is a fully privatized joint-stock company with a nearly 500 - year - tradition involved in construction of long-distance gas pipelines of all diameters and distribution networks, product pipelines (oil, ethylene, technical gases), distribution networks and pump stations, heat feeders with pump stations to supply towns and industrial agglomerations with hot water and steam, heat - exchange stations, house connection lines, water supply conduits and distribution networks for potable and service water, low and medium pressure gas supply gnathic made of steel or linear polyethylene pipes, steel bridge structures, compression testing of pipe - line systems of any kind of material, corrosion prevention of steel pipelines and underground structures, cathodic protection of tubes, fabrication of solar cells including solar panels for the power supply to cathodic protection systems in such locations where no connection to a power source is at disposal, insulations joints, reconstruction of inaccessible piping with a non-excavation method - relining, deliveries of engineering designs for the whole production program, engineering and know - how.


Tovární 9
387 15 Střelecké Hoštice
Phone: (+420) 383 399 737
Cell: (+420) 606 634 784
Fax: (+420) 383 399 735
E-mail: info@agra.cz
Web: www.agra.cz
Contact person: Mr. Pavla Kuchtova - Office Manager
AGRA CZ is a producer of leaf fertilizer, CAMPOFORT. It is looking for partners who would be interested in cooperation, collaboration, field testing, and sales of their leaf fertilizer.If you are interested in cooperation, please contact AGRA CZ directly or send your request/information to the Czech Embassy in Washington.


Videnska 102
619 00 Brno
Phone: (+420) 547 212 705
Fax: (+420) 547 122 155
E-mail: balador@balador.cz
Web: www.balador.cz
Contact person: Mrs. Petra Dobysarova

Balador Brno is the Czech wholesaler of paints, colors, paintworks and polishes, is interested in establishing a business cooperation with the companies producing coating material for industry and petrochemical industry, epoxytar, epoxycoating with polyamid, polyurethane, polyurethane with the contant of zinc, inorganic zinc coat, zinc silicate coat, zincphosphateepoxy coat and siliconacryl coat.