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Electronics, Electric Appliances and Machinery

LABIO, a.s.


·        Producer of chromatographs HPLC, GC, sorbents, analytical and preparative columns, pumps (1000 bar), intelligent pH meters, water baths, drying chambers, shakers, lyophylizators and tailor made products (shock chamber for breweries, chamber for analysis of relieved formaldehyde from the chipboard, cross gradients tables, etc.).

·        The company is looking for customers or production cooperation in the USA

Mr. Vladimir Bazant, CEO
Address: Heyrovskeho nam. 2, 162 01 Praha 6, Czech Republic
Phone: +420-23- 360-074, Fax: +420-235-363-723, Cell: +420-603-570-456
E-mail: bazant@labio.com
Web: www.labio.cz


F&B COMPANY, s.r.o.

Sokolska 30
772 00 Olomouc
Phone: (+420) 585 229 251
Fax: (+420) 585 221 376
GSM: (+420) 724 374 215
E-mail: antonicek@fbcom.cz
Web: http://www.fbcom.cz
Contact person: Mr. Jiri Antonicek

F&B COMPANY is a manufacturer of GSM/GPS communication system called “PATRIOT“. The firm would like to expand their activities in the U.S. and is looking for importers and distributors.

Austin Detonator, s.r.o.

Jasenice 712
755 01 Vsetin
Phone: (+420) 571 404 045
Fax: (+420) 571 404 926
E-mail: otta.greben@austin.cz, austin@austin.cz
Web: http://www.austin.cz, www.austinpowder.com
Contact person: Mr. Otto Greben

Austin Detonator provides research, manufacture and sale of initiation accessories for blasting – electric and non-electric detonators for commercial use; blast work and blasting advisory services.


Marakova 12
160 00 Praha 6
Phone: (+420) 224 317 736
E-mail: info@iplato.net
Web: www.iplato.net
Contact person: Mr. Stanislav Spelda   

iPlato is a results oriented consultancy and application developer specializing in mobile and wireless solutions for business. The company is seeking cooperation with U.S firms.

PZP Komplet a.s.

Semechnice 132
518 01 Dobruska
Phone/Fax: (+420) 443 642 252, (+420) 443 668 252
E-mail: pzp@pzp.cz
Web: www.pzp.cz
Contact person: Mr. Vaclav Prokop  

The company PZP Komplet is a major manufacturer of heating devices, thermal pumps, vacuum techniques, technological switchboards and industrial electrical engineering. The company is seeking agents, distributors in the U.S.

J4 s.r.o.

Prumyslova 96
Predmerice nad Labem
Phone: (+420) 495 581 137
Web: www.j4.cz
Contact person: Mr. Josef Mazl 

J 4 was established in 1994 and deals with the development and production of cyclothermic tunnel band baking ovens and with delivering complete baking and bakery lines and bakeries. The ovens are not only designed for baking rye, rye-wheat or wheat bread, but also various types of bread and pastries, fancy breads, pies, stuffed cakes, cookies, gingerbread, sponge cake biscuits, salted sticks and numerous other baked products. The company is looking for a partner in the US.

Kabelovna KABEX a. s.

Politickych veznu 84
345 62 Holysov
Phone: (+420) 379 491 557, 379 491 432
Fax: (+420) 379 491 154
E-mail: kabex@kabex.cz
Web: www.kabex.cz

KABEX, a. s. in the U.S.:
17 Larkspur Drive
West Islit, NY 11795
Phone: (+1) 631 587-9046
Fax: (+1) 631 321-0510
Contact person: Mr. Antonin Kovar
KABEX, a. s. is a Czech manufacturer of miscellaneous types of electrical construction cables, halogen-free retarding power cables, installation cables, fire-proof communication cables, power, interior cables, coaxial, triaxial and compensating cables. Products are ISO 9002 certified. Kabex is looking for distributors of their products to expand its business activities on the U.S. market.

URC Systems, spol. sr.o.

Dykova 4
796 01 Prostejov
Phone: (+420) 508 337 255
Fax: (+420) 508 337 255
E-mail: urc@urc-systems.cz
Web: www.urc-systems.cz
Contact person: Mr. Robert Prokop, Sales Director

URC offers development projection and construction of the GSM and other mobile >COMMUNICATION SYSTEMS< GSM R, EGSM etc., frequency management, projection of radio paths, LOS analysis, Point-multi point systems, BLOS analysis (HF band), service measurement of the radio signal coverage, searching for sources of interference/jamming etc., monitoring of radio traffic on chosen frequencies (simultaneous reception and AF signal recording on several frequencies), design and production of special rf devices (converters, input and power amplifiers), design and realization of special vehicles mounting (radio measurement vehicle, special measurement vehicles), development of customer user software (OS Windows NT/2000/98/95, QNX Photon, C++ and Visual C++ language, technological devices real time control, technological process control, communication, data and image transmission, databases.


Mostecka 26, 657 00 Brno
Phone: (+420) 545 551 101
Fax: (+420) 545 551 222
E-mail: krivy@vues.cz
Web: www.vues.cz
Contact person: Mr. Jiri Krivy

The company develops and produces non-standard ELECTRIC ROTATING MACHINES AND DRIVES, designs automated test stands with dynamometers. Current production includes synchronous servomotors with a high torque overload capacity, high-speed induction motors and dynamometers up to 1 MW, low-speed motors for fan drives up to 200 kW at 90 min, traction generators and induction motors supplied from frequency converters with IGBT transistors up to 1 MW, complete equipment of the test stands intended for testing of electrical machines, internal combustion engines and gearboxes, special power supply sets for military use. The company is seeking US partners who are interested in development and production of aircraft electric starters and generators, power supply sets, low-speed and high-speed electric motors, traction electric machines, electric dynamometers, special generators, AC servomotors, and linear motors.


Tr. 5. kvetna 166
289 11 Pecky
Phone: (+420) 321 785 141-9
Fax: (+420) 321 785 165, 67
E-mail: zpa@zpa-pecky.cz
Web: www.zpa-pecky.cz

The company has a 40 years tradition in the mechanical and electrical engineering field producing >ELECTRIC ACTUATORS and SWITCHBOARDS<. The quality control system complies with all requirements, according to the American standard ASME NQA-1. The range of product also includes pneumatic actuators, locksmith's and fitter's constructions, machined parts, metal sheet and profile-welded structures. Since 1995 the company has been EN ISO 9001 certified by RW TÜV, Essen, BRD. The company is looking for the distributor in the U.S.


Za stodolami 670
686 04 Kunovice
Phone: (+420) 572 548 820
Fax: (+420) 572 548 821
E-mail: info@taxamatic.cz
Web: www.taxamatic.cz

This company is interested in getting in touch with professional dealers in field of special electronic equipment. They supply the following products:

- electronic taxameters that are able to copy movement of motor vehicles even record speed, etc.
- black boxes that record speed, movement and further important information
- temporal recorders for monitoring employee´s attendance

All data recorded by these products are transmitted to the Dallas Button that is a memory enabling recording data to any computer (software comes with the package).

KOMUTEX s r.o.

Vorlova 90
539 61
Pnohe: (+420) 469 311 667
Fax: (+420) 469 311 668
E-mail: komutex@iol.cz
Web: www.komutex.cz
Contact person: Mr. Antonin Holfeuer, Director

Looking for producers and importers of electric motors and domestic articles (vacuum cleaners, mixers, food processors), garden tools, tools as drilling machine and grinding machine.


Zavodu miru 4
360 17 Karlovy Vary
Phone: (+420) 353 403 111
Fax: (+420) 353 449 352
E-mail: obchod@realistic.cz
Web: www.realistic.cz
Contact person: Mr. Jaroslav Rint, Managing Director

The manufacturing program includes:

- electric resistance furnaces ranging from low temperatures to 1600 C for heat treatment of metals (hardening,
quenching, annealing, carburizing), glassware (annealing lehrs, CPT blackening, decoration firing), ceramics
and porcelain
- induction channel and crucible furnaces for melting ferrous and non-ferrous metals
- ceramics components, e.g. shaped bricks, holders, supports and stands, muffles, etc.

TESLA Holding s.r.o.Podebradska 56/186

180 66 Praha 9 - Hloubetin
Phone: (+420) 266 107 517
Fax: (+420) 266 107 552
E-mail: slivka.dusan@tesla.cz
Web: www.tesla.cz, www.viwa.cz
Contact person: Mr. Dusan Slivka - Sales Manager

TESLA is the successor of one of the first electrotechnical enterprises in the former Czechoslovakia. It was founded exclusively with Czech capital under the name ELEKTRA on 1921. The company has conducted its commercial activities under the TESLA name since  1946  and is also the owner of the  TESLA  trade mark in more than 100 countries worldwide. The division "Tesla - Water Treatment Solutions" has been
successfully operating for several years in waterworks engineering in which it mostly specializes in water and waste treatment plants and filling lines. In this sphere the company offers complex supply involving development, planning, production and putting the units into operation.