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Food & Agricultural Products

SVOBODA s.r.o.

Cezavy 700
664 56  Blucina
Phone/Fax: (+420) 547 235 295
E-mail: kralik@knedlik.cz
Contact person: Mr. Stanislav Kralik

SVOBODA is a manufacturer of frozen food. The company would like to find U.S. importers and wholesalers for its product – frozen fruit dumplings.

Fulnek 2
Phone: (+420) 556 410 107, (+420) 605 294 335
Fax: (+420) 596 244 026
Contact person: Mr. Ladislav Tetera

Producer of traditional Czech plum brandy Slivovitz is seeking agents, importers and distributors for nationwide distribution in the U.S.

Center for Czech Vineyards

Jungmannova 12
110 00 Praha 1
Phone: (+420) 604 843 347, (+420) 603 355 224
E-mail: millan@post.cz
Contact person: Mr. Milan Ballik, Executive Director

Center for Czech Vineyards represents a number of Czech and Moravian winemakers and is seeking agents for distribution of Czech and Moravian wines in the U.S.


Kosikov 72
59501 Velka Bites
Phone: (+420) 566 503 041
Fax.: (+420) 566 503 012
GSM: (+420) 724 027 308
E-mail: milan.sapousek@agfoods.net
Web: www.agfoods.net
Contact person: Mr. Milan Sapousek, Export Sales Manager

AG Foods is seeking a partner for distribution of Instant Soft Drink Blends for vending machines (instant tea, cappucino, chocolate, milkshakes, sweeteners) AG Foods also supplies a wide range of kosher foods. ISO 9002 certification.


Nerudova 1113
537 01 Chrudim
Phone: (+420) 469 622 384
Fax: (+420) 469 620 412
E-mail: info@schellex.cz
Web: www.schellex.cz
Contact person: Mr. Jiri Cesenek

Company Schellex is looking for business partner to export and distribute bulk honey on the US market.

INDIANA s.r.o.

Nad Petruskou 1/63
120 00 Praha 2
Phone: (+420) 234 092 580
Fax: (+420) 222 512 016
E-mail: tregler@indianacz.cz
Web: www.indianacz.cz
Contact: person: Mr. Jerry Tregler

Indiana s.r.o. is the first and only producer of Jerky meat in the Czech Republic. The company is looking for business partners and distributors in the U.S.

HOFMANN a spol.

Na Sklenarce 487
286 36 Horovice
Phone: (+420) 316 505 111
Fax: (+420) 316 513 210
E-mail: alba@alba-horovice.cz
Web: www.alba-horovice.cz
Contact: person: Mr. Milan Panek

Hofmann follows a long time tradition of the ALBA HOROVICE foodservice equipment production, carried out in the city of Horovice since 1883. The company focuses on production, innovation and manufacturing of PROFESSIONAL KITCHEN EQUIPMENT AND ACCESSORIES, top-quality dishwashers, stainless steel furniture and another gastronomic equipment. Hoffman a spol. is looking for a business partner in the U.S.

EUROMOPOS spol. s.r.o.

Dolní Hejcinska 25
776 03 Olomouc
Phone: (+420) 685 555 111
Fax: (+420) 685 414 149
Contact person: Michal Šubrt, Export Dept.
E-mail: euromopos@telecom.cz

The EUROMOPOS company is a well-established manufacturer of bakery and malt plant devices/machines. Currently, the company seeks for a co-operation with american investor, who would help the company to improve its efficiency and its competitive ability to keep up with the world - market trends.


Dolni Lhota 39
763 23 Dolni Lhota u Luhacovic
Phone: (+420) 577 658 206, 577 658 120 (-1)
Fax: (+420) 577 658 202
E-mail: export1@lagris.cz, export2@lagris.cz
Web: www.lagris.cz
Contact Person: Ms. Karla Cizova, E-mail: cizova@lagris.cz

Lagris a.s. is one of the most known distributor of rice, dried fruits, nuts, seasonings, puppy and sunflower seeds. They are looking for some companies in the United States that would be interested in importing the above mentioned products to the United States.

OTMA - SLOKO spol s r.o.

Sokolovska 406
686 13 Uherske Hradiste - Maratice
Phone: (+420) 572 416 301
E-mail: export@hame.cz
Web: www.hame.cz
Contact Person: Mr. Stanislav Gabriel - Export Manager

OTMA - Sloko spol s r.o. is seeking new business partners in the United States. They are offering the following products packed in glass or tins:

    - preserved fruits and vegetables
    - ketchups
    - marmelades, jams
    - sauces (ready to use)
    - meat pasty and another canned food


Lucni 4573
760 05 Zlin
Phone/Fax: (+420) 577 981 046
E-mail: info@naturvita.cz
Web: www.naturvita.cz
Contact person: Mr. Roman Kristl

This company is a producer of vitamins in capsules, food additives and nutritions (garlic capsules Allicor). They are looking for some distributors which would be interested in importing and distributing these nutritions into the United States.

Maso Plana, a.s.

Prumyslova 499
391 11 Plana n. Luznici
Phone: (+420) 381 419 206
Fax: (+420) 381 419 343
E-mail: mindlova@masoplana.cz 
Web: www.masoplana.cz
Contact Person: Eva Mindlova

Maso Plana a.s. is a modern meat processing factory.