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Glassware, Crystal & Lighting

Blazek Glass

The company Blazek Glass s.r.o. was re-established in 1992 as a producer of traditional hand-decorated Bohemian crystal and the owner, Mr. Blazek, developed and patented shortly after that a new product – the glass nail file. The company currently exports this product to more than 20 countries around the world in more than 100 different sizes and variations.

It is seeking a sales representative who would represent our interests on the American market and look for customers and distributors for our products in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical sector.

Contact: Ms. Barbora Hanouskova, Business Director

Email: bhanouskova@blazek-glass.cz

Web: www.blazek-glass.cz


CRYSTAL GLAMOUR, a. s. - Bohemia glass works

The glass factory Crystal Glamour is a Czech producer of hand made Bohemia Crystal. The company was established in Bohemian-Moravia highlands in the traditional area of crystal glass glass-making in year 1991. The company produces exclusive mouth blown and hand cut crystal glass. Its products have been exported to the whole world for many years. The glass factory is famous for their original pieces and handicraft. The glass blowers and cutters are proud of manufacturing special pieces of glasses for equipment of air planes. The Crystal Glamour’s main product is cut crystal glass with traditional Bohemia patterns, modern patterns of Bohemia crystal, crystal lamps and lights, gold and platinum crystal with high enamel, color art crystal, crystal coffee, pepper and sea salt grinders and casting costume images to crystal glass. The company looks for skilled distributor of crystal glass and business partner for the US market. 

Contact: Jaroslav Kotara
Address: Okrouhlice 215, 582 31 Okrouhlice,
Telephone: +420 569 480 501, Fax: +420 569 480 501
Email: info@crystalglmaour.eu
Web: www.crystalglamour.eu

Uploaded: Sept 8, 2011


KUP Art Glass

KUPArt is an independent part of the firm ELPA KUPEČEK, spol. s r.o. It was established with the aim to preserve and further develop the tradition of decorative glass production in the glass region of North Bohemia.  

KUPArt is engaged in hand-made production of high quality decorative glass in several product categories, offering elegance and modern design. Designs of the products areelaborated by external designers as well as its own staff.   KUPArt focuses also on custom manufacturing in order to meet the requirements of every individual customer. 

Philosophy of KUPArt is to produce beautiful and high quality decorative glass objects that by their elegance and timeless design brighten every interior. 

The company is interested in finding an importer and distributor in the US. It offers good prices and is able to accommodate large orders.

Contact: Ing. Jana Kupeckova, Manager
Address: Dolni nabrezi 3139, 407 47 Varnsdorf, Czech Republic
Telephone: +420-412-370-391, fax: +420-412-370-953, mobil: +420-777-569-064
E-mail: kupart@kupart.com
Web: www.kupart.com


Bohemian Productions

Company Bohemian Productions was founded in 2005 as an exporting wholesale company with crystal glass nail files. During the first two years, they have established a stable distributing net in South America, but their customers come from around the world. They have established their own designer´s studio, thanks to which they can offer you their own unique decorations of crystal glass nail files, some of which you will not find anywhere else. Further with your purchase, you will get the nail files with the velvet nail sleeves/pouches, which is a great offer.
As the company was contacted by many people who wanted to buy only one or two Bohemia crystal glass nail files, the wholesales company decided to open an on-line shop in 2008, via which it can attend to all the individual persons'wishes.
At the same time, the company decided to offer its clients around the world all different kinds of unique exclusive products of Bohemia Crystal - such as crystal glasses, vases, decorative items, costume jewelery - crystal pearls, the ever so popular and world known Czech strass, as well as luxurious cut crystal jewelery and the Czech treasure - luxurious jewelery made from the Bohemian precious stone
called Garnet.

Maly Lan 950
696 62 Straznice
Phone: +420 518 611 321
Email: info@cristalonline.com
ICQ: 568-695-665
Skype: andrea.homolova
Web: www.cristalonline.com
Contact person: Ms. Andrea Homolova

Glass Atelier Ivan Jiskra

Skalicka 733
473 01 Novy Bor
Phone: (+420) 487 725 701
E-mail: jiskra@aqp.cz
Web: http://www.aqp.cz/jiskra
Contact person: Mr. Ivan Jiskra

Glass Atelier Ivan Jiskra produces ground glass pictures and objects, the company is looking for U.S. importers and retailers (communication only in Czech).

Hut Charlotta, s.r.o.

756 05 Karolinka 50
Phone/Fax: (+420) 571 450 683
E-mail: hutcharlotta@volny.cz
Web: http://www.hut-charlotta.cz
Contact person: Mr. Ivan Stefanik

Hut Charlotta is a manufacturer of glass giftware (vases, plates, candle holders, glasses, bowls) and is looking for US distributors and retailers (galeries, gift shops) for its merchandise.


Bohdalov 281
592 13 Bohdalov
Phone/Fax: (+420) 566 677 146
E-mail: glassmagic@seznam.cz
Web: www.glassmagic.cz
Contact person: Mr. Radovan Fical

RM Glass Magic, s.r.o. is a manufacturer of hand-blown glass lamps, vases, bottles, tableware, etc. It's speciality is glass with wire mesh. The company is seeking U.S. importers and distributors.

Top Crystal

Phone: (+420) 731 170 770
Fax: (+420) 491 470 790
E-mail: topcrystal@tiscali.cz
Web: www.psm.cz/crystal
Contact person: Dr. Ivana Krupickova

Top Crystal is a producer of lead crystal products with the certified decor 500 PK hand cut in traditional technology which is very rare nowadays. The company is seeking representation in the U.S.

PREMIA, s.r.o.

Zitavska 63
460 11 Liberec 11
Phone: (+420) 485 100 106, 485 103 978
Fax: (+420) 485 100 106
E-mail: premia@volny.cz, premia3@volny.cz
Web: www.premia.infohelp.cz
Contact person: Mr. Pavel Trcka

Premia export agency represents several Czech small and medium producers of utility and decorative ceramic, glass, and decorative items. It is seeking cooperation with U.S. importers and distributors.


Phone: (+420) 486 121 111
Fax: (+420) 485 104 976
E-mail: bct@bct.cz, jana.van.bebberova@bct.cz
Web: www.bct.cz
Contact person: Ms. Jana van Bebberova

Bohemia Crystalex Trading is an exclusive exporter of products of four major Czech manufacturers of household glassware and technical glass. The company is seeking importers, wholesalers and distributors in the U.S.


Opletalova 3197
466 67 Jablonec nad Nisou
Phone: (+420) 488 115 324
Fax: (+420) 488 115 399
E-mail: radan.haiblik@preciosa.com
Web: www.preciosa.com
Contact person: Mr. Radan Haiblik, VP Sales & Marketing

North America: Preciosa International
2316 Wehrle Drive
Williamsville, NY 14221
Phone: 716 626 9759
Fax: 716 626 9758
E-mail: sglaser@speakeasy.net
Contact person: Mr. Scott Glasser, President    

Preciosa represents the best traditions of Bohemian cut crystal. The company follows the pathfinders of industrially produced cut glass fashion jewelry stones and crystal chandeliers in Northern Bohemia. The company is looking for new business partners & importers for the crystal glass line.


Kolovratska 4
Praha 10
E-mail: maryna.o@atlas.cz
Contact person: Ms. Maryna Omska

Maryna Omska company specializes in manufacturing hand made replicas of Czech & European historic glass (specializing in 13-15 century). This firm is looking for U.S. customers and business partners.

P + M Glass

Skalice u Ceske Lipy 510
487 17 Ceska Lipa
E-mail: sperlikmilan@quick.cz
Web: www.glasssperlik.com
Contact person: Mr. Milan Sperlik

P+M Glass is a producer of hand-blown glass, such as high enamel glass, historical, overlay glass, chandeliers & water pipes. The company seeks distributors in the U.S.

Foltynova 10
635 00 Brno
Phone/Fax: (+420) 546 213266
E-mail: zdebez@centrum.cz
Web: www.radka.crystal.zde.cz
Contact person: Mr. Zdenek Bezdek

Radka Glassworks is a producer of hand-cut 24% lead crystal products cut with the finest and richest decoration. The hand-cut Bohemian Crystal is cut in traditional way, on grindstone with the old technology without using diamond impregnated grinding wheels in the way as it was invented in the year 1929. The company is looking for importers, distributors in the U.S.


7118 Westmoortland
Berkeley, CA 94705
Phone: 510 841 4560
Fax: 510 981 0502
E-mail: ray@alchymiepraha.com
Web: www.alchymieprha.com

Alchymie Praha recently launched a new collection of innovative studio glass art designed by leading Czech artist. The pieces are handmade, signed and numbered in small workshop production. The greatest Czech glass artist, Stanislav Libensky once described the process of working with hot glass as alchemy. Drawing this inspiration, the company was named Alchymie Praha, Czech for Prague Alchemy. The firm cooperates with four Czech artist representing a wide range of ages, background, styles and accomplishments. Frantiąek Vizner is recognized as the most prominent living art glass artist in the Czech Republic. Our artist include Vladimir Klein, Jiri Jermar, David Suchoparek and Ingrid Rackova. Klein´s work is widely exhibited throughout the Czech republic, in Japan, and is in the collection at the Corning Museum in New York. In future seasons, the company wants to expand their collections, and will continue to work closely with the most talented Czech artists to bring innovative and creative glass art to the world.


E-mail: sandman.cz@volny.cz
Web: www.volny.cz/sandman.cz
Contact person: Mr. Roman Korecky

Specialist in sand-blasted fine art crystal glass is looking for new business partners in the USA. From luxurious gifts to company logos. Custom designs.


Skalice 134
47117 Skalice
Phone: (+420) 487 754 599
Fax: (+420) 487 754 596
E-mail: sales@bohemian-glassworks.com
Web: www.bohemian-glassworks.com

Bohemian Glassworks is a follower of the finest tradition of Czech glass-making. It produces unique art glass, painted and engraved glass, cut crystal glass, blown glass, historic replicas, glass mirrors, and paperweights.


Nova 352
439 23 Lenesice (Louny)
Phone: (+420) 415 679 229, (+420) 604 317 096
E-mail: bach@centrum.cz
Web: www.glass.vyrobce.cz, www.maturita.vyrobce.cz
Contact person: Mr. Jira Bachmann
Bachmann is a manufacturer of a wide sortiment of original hand cut glasses,
pitchers, sausers, vases, and bowls.


Mlynska 6a
466 01 Jablonec nad Nisou
Phone: (+420) 483 316 820
Fax: (+420) 483 316 821
E-mail: research@ecoglass.cz
Web: www.ecoglass.cz
Contact person: Mr. Jiri Kocarek

EcoGlass is a producer of precise moulded and fire polished glass pieces for automotive industry, photo industry, optical lenses etc. It also manufactures special colored and cloudy glass, and paper weights.


Lisny 6
468 22 Zelezny Brod
Phone: (+420) 428 392 041
Fax: (+420) 428 392 052
E-mail: liglass@liglass.cz, a.danickova@liglass.cz, e.silhan@liglass.cz
Web: www.liglass.cz
Contact person: Ms. Andrea Danickova, Mr. Emil Silhan

Liglass has a long tradition of manufacturing glass chandeliers, artificial jewelry, and technology glass. Liglass produces glass jewels and lamp glass beads, lighting equipment and chandelier trimming, glass stones, Christmass decorations, plastic products, adn surface treatmentof glass and metal products.


Nam. 17. listopadu 66
261 01 Pribram
Phone/Fax: (+420) 361 251 879
Cell: (+420) 602 852 408
E-mail: glasstechnik@seznam.cz
Contact person: Mr. Stanislav Svacina

In the past three years, GlassTechnik has been exporting glass and glass products to the United States. The company can be an excellent supplier to U.S. distributors and retailers of supplies for scientific glassblowers and flameworkers.


Jicinska 272
741 01 Nova Jicin
E-mail : sostyjan@seznam.cz
Web: http://hyperlink.cz/sostyjan, http://web.quick.cz/sostyjan
Contact person: Mr. Jan Sosty

Glasses,wall clocks, bigger and smaller mirrors with texts by request,with dedication by occasion of anniversary, jubilee, various celebrations etc. with ornaments, firm signs, city signs /emblems/. Everything is presentable in commemoration of these /above mentioned/ occasions. Interior and furniture mirrors, furniture glasses, kitchen lines, doors - with flowers, ornaments and also with modern motifs.

RAMONEX s.r.o.

Moskevska 14
360 01 Karlovy Vary
Fax: (+420) 173 585 540
E-mail: ramonex@volny.cz
Contact person: Mr. Miroslav Jager

Czech company RAMONEX, s.r.o., a manufacturer of christmas ornaments, is looking for new business partners in the USA.


Priseka 93
582 91 Svetla nad Sazavou
Phone/Fax: (+420) 451 456 490
E-mail: brillant@hba.czn.cz
Web: www.brillant.cz
Contact person: Mr. Pavel Rocen

Bohemia Brillant produces hand cut lead crystal. The company also owns the glass smelting works and, therefore, offers a large variety of products.


Ve Stresovickach 11
169 00 Praha 6
Phone/Fax: (+420) 224 314 619
E-mail: drazdikova@post.cz

The company manufactures famous Czech Christmas ornaments and with the help of the local import companies specialized within this field would like to expand its export to the U.S. market.


Na zahradkach 4
Miroslav 67172
Fax: (+420) 545 518 238
E-mail: sklarny@email.cz
Contact: Tomas Pocarovsky

This company is looking for new business partners interested in chandeliers.


Zavodu miru 1851
356 01 Sokolov
Phone: (+420) 168 621 209
Fax (+420)168 626 030
E-mail: sedlar@mbox.vol.cz
Contact Person: Jiri Sedlar

This company is looking for new business partners interested in the exporting of high quality glass Christmas ornaments (hand made, blown, decorated) and hand made glass (vases, bowls, sets etc.).

AL-ENA s.r.o.

Brehova 8
110 00 Praha 1
Phone: (+420) 216 651 979
AL-ENA deals with the export of glass, crystal, and porcelain made in the Czech Republic. Product importers include Japan, Greece, Saudi Arabia etc. AL-ENA offers the highest quality glass, crystal and porcelain goods in various prices and is looking for suppliers or wholesalers of above mentioned items who would be interested in cooperation with them.


Smetanova 66
466 01 Jablonec nad Nisou
Phone: (+420) 428 443 295, (+420) 428 443 341
Fax: (+420) 428 443 284

This company offers the highest quality handmade glass figures, cutting glass, cutting figures and flowers. Production also includes various shapes of letter weights which are excellent promotional items and may be engraved with your name or your company's name. Bohemia Gifts is also able to offer you imitation metal jewellery with glass stones made by Swarowski and Preciosa. This collection includes various earrings, pins, necklaces etc.


Bohemian Crystal
126 Old McHenry Road
Long Grove, Illinois 60020
Phone: (+1) 847 913 7755
Fax. (+1) 847 587 8665
Web: http://www.bohemiancrystal.net

Famous Bohemia crystal, Hand Painted Tupesy Ceramics, Collectible Bohemia Royal DUX Porcelain, Folk Dolls, Gold Decorated Bohemian Glass, Hand Painted Christmas Ornaments. ALL FACTORY DIRECT - UPS free of charge within continental USA. Now see our 50-page catalog on the Internet.


Bohemia House Inc.
76 Rasinovo nabrezi (near Dancing House)
120 00 Prague 2
Phone: (+420) 224 919 270, 224 911 673
Fax: (+420) 224 911 674
E-mail: trade@bohemiae.com
Web: www.bohemiae.com
Crystal Glass Statuettes, Vases, Bowls, Trays, Crystal Glass Chandaliers and Lamps and many new Glass Products like Opal Glass, Colour Sandy Glass, Fine Glass Flowers, Glass Paperweights and Modern Art Glass now available. Bohemia House invite You to visit the LARGEST Glass WEB worldwide. Competitive prices, discounts available. Distributors, reseller and agents welcomed.


Vysoka 29
466 02 Jablonec nad Nisou
Phone/Fax: (+420) 428 311 639
This company looks for opportunities to import into the U.S. products made by Czech producers. They deal with lampholders, chandeliers, etc. They are able to offer the highest quality and a wide range of shapes of ceramic and plastic lampholders. Should you be interested in these kind of products you can contact MOAS directly on the above mentioned number or should you need additional information from us we can be reached at (202) 274-9104, fax (202) 244-2147 or by e-mail.

1. Maje 52
461 74 Liberec
Phone: (+420) 485 235 111
Fax: (+420) 485 100 214
Glassexport Co. Ltd. is well known exporter of Czech glass and crystal. This company is the owner of CRYSTAL CASTLE in Liberec, Northern Bohemia, the Bohemian crystal trade center. For the last many years the castle was closed to the public. Now Glassexport has anounced the reopening of this jewel of Liberec and invites you to visit this historic site directly downtown. The castle offers various kinds of services, (glass exhibition, representative offices for rent, accomodation, shopping, refreshment).


Vysehradska 49
120 00 Praha 2
Phone/Fax: (+420) 221 979 335
Contact Person: Mr. Vaclav Kubicek

Company AGENCY VK produces colored hand made glass. They are looking for new business contacts in the United States. If you are interested in cooperating with this company please visit their website for product descriptions and prices.


Phone: (+420) 485 108 786
Fax: (+420) 485 105 063
E-mail: bohexim@asanet.cz
Web: http://www.bohexim.cz
Contact Person: Mr. Jiri Sebek

This Czech trading company is looking for new business partners in the United States. If you are interested in getting more information about goods they export, please visit the website above. They are offering the following assortment: 
- crystal chandeliers
- parts and components for lighting fixtures
- crystal and glassware
- glass beads (loose, strung, jewellery...)
- giftware


Jeseniova 157
130 00 Praha 3
Phone: (+420) 284 817 148
Fax (+420) 606 553 882
E-mail: fin.ium@worldonline.cz
Contact person: Jan Volhejn
Finium CZ imports crystal chandeliers and glass beads to a number of countries in Europe and currently woudl like to expand its business to the United States. Please contact the company if interested in importing or distributing Czech glass products.


Rooseveltova 781
537 01 Chrudim 3
Phone: (+420) 603 167 277
Fax: (+420) 466 951 421
E-mail: info@msdecorelax.com, m.slonek@chrudim.cz
Web: http://www.msdecorelax.com
Contact person: Ing. Miroslav Slonek

decoRelax is a manufacturer of decorative and relaxation lighting (glass sculpture plus a base with a source of cold light). The company is seeking U.S. importers, distributors and retailers.


Bri Stefanu 980
500 03 Hradec Kralove
E-mail: business@hakel.cz
Contact person: Lada Plenerova

Avarisa produces hand-made glass flowers. They are looking for a distributor or seller of their products.


Msenska 40

466 04 Jablonec nad Nisou

Cell.: (+420) 602 938 451

E-mail: dwdbohemia@dwdbohemia.com   

Web: www.dwdbohemia.com 

Contact person: Pavel Stejskal


DWD Bohemia offers these products: glass, crystal, christmas decorations, glass figures, crystal figures, snowdomes, glass flowers, crystal components, glass jewellery, bijoux, beads, lampworks, chatons.

SUNLAMP s.r.o.

Jaurisova 1500/21
140 00 Praha 4 - Nusle
Phone: (+420) 573 902 004
Fax: (+420) 572 551 554
E-mail: sunlamp@sunlamp.cz
Web: www.sunlamp.cz
Contact person: Jana Behavkova - sales manager

The SUNLAMP Company has been operating on the market since 1994, focusing mainly on lighting technology, as well as solar public and garden lamps (including mobiliary) made of stainless steel (since 1998). They also sell electronic accessories (our own design) to lamps and photovoltaic applications, including photovoltaic panels. They provide 10-year warranty.