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Health & Ecological Products

Walmark a.s.
This company manufactures and distributes nutritional supplements and pharmaceuticals and is a market leader in the Czech Republic. Walmark also covers the region of Central and Eastern Europe by subsidiaries in another eight European countries (Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Latvia and France) and exports to other more than 20 countries in the world.
The company is seeking for US partners - distributors in pharmaceutical sector.
Contact: Antonis Epikaridis, Export Marketing Manager
Address: Oldrichovice 44, 73961 Trinec 1, Czech Republic
Telephone: +420-558-301-249, fax: +420-558-301-366
E-mail: antonis.epikaridis@walmark.eu
Web: www.walmark.eu

G.P.A. Company

U Lesika 8
150 00  Praha 5 – Kosire
Phone.: (+420) 606 506 986, (+420) 257 217 188
E-mail: AE07@gepolo.com
Web: http://www.gepolo.com/ae07
Contact person person: Mr. George Polo

G.P.A. Company is offering a food supplement ANTHIETHANOL 07 - so called "hangover medicine". AE07 is a Czech patent, approved by the Czech Ministry of Health and declared as a food supplement. This product is purely herbal based.  G.P.A. Company is searching for partners such as pharmaceutical companies / distributors; pharmacy / drugstore / food supplement / supermarket chains and other entities interested in the product. 

OLYMPUS C&S, spol. s r.o.

Evropska 176
160 00  Praha 6
Phone.: (+420) 221 985 212
Fax: (+420) 221 985 505
E-mail: hanzlik@olympus.cz
Web: http://www.olympus.cz
Contact person: Mr. Petr Hanzlik, Managing Director

OLYMPUS C&S produces digital and photo cameras, as well as various medical, scientific, and industrial equipment (microscopes, endoscopes, measuring devices etc.).


Zelevcice 5
274 01 Slany
Phone: (+420) 312 576 111
Fax: (+420) 312 522 668
E-mail: info@linet.cz
Web: www.linet.cz
Linet LLC is a manufacturer of hospital care beds, mattresses and furniture and other medical care facility outfit are sold in 67 countries of all continents. The company is looking for U.S. importers and distributors.


Pavlikova 5
602 00 Brno
Czech Republic
Phone.: (+420) 543 421 212, (+420) 543 236 403
Fax: (+420) 543 421 224
E-mail: eco@ecofluid.cz
Ecofluid Group provides a special system for ecological water cleaning. It is looking for U.S. importers and distributors.


nam. Karla IV c. 18
628 00 Brno
Phone/Fax: (+420) 544 217 747
E-mail: aurea.medica@quick.cz
Web: www.auremedica.ic.cz
Contact person: Mr. Radomir Houbal

Aurea Medica s.r.o. is a distributor of health and rehabilitation products and food supplement products. The company is seeking U.S. importers and distributors.

SUNPHARM, s.r.o.

Aubrechtove 3109/6
106 00 Prague 10
Phone: (+420) 272 659 457
Fax: (+420) 272 659 857
E-mail: info@sunpharm.cz
Contact person: Mr. Miroslav Slunecko

Sunpharm is a distributor of various health and rehabilitation products, food supplement products, glass nail files, etc . The firm is seeking U.S. importers or distributors.

CHEIRON spol. s r.o.

Slovanska tr. 78
Plzen 301 51
Phone: (+420) 197 457 034
Fax: (+420) 197 430 537 (-8)
E-mail: export@cheiron.cz
Web: http://www.cheiron.cz
Contact person: Ms. Radka Zidkova   

CEIRON is a manufacturer of medical devices, namely suction units and nebulizers. Its products are succesfully used in many hospitals, intensive care units, operation theatres, etc. They are CE marked and the company is ISO 9001 certified.

EGO ZLIN spol s r.o.

Stipa 438
763 14 Zlin - Stipa
Phone: (+420) 677 915 039
Fax: (+420) 677 914 363
Contact person: Ms. Hana Vasulinova, Trade Manager   

This company produces and supplies the following products:

1.Means for life-saving system. Means for life-saving systems have been developed and optimized in  cooperation with leading medical specialists for pre-hospital medical care. These products are used with very good results in fast life-saving care, transport service, mountain rescue services, air rescue services, armies, fire brigades, police, mining as well as water rescue service. The products are used also in private consulting rooms both of general practitioners and special physicians.

2. Means for immobile patients. The Antidecubitus Mattress AME-FFP consists of two buble independent sections which are alternately inflated and deflated by means of a special noiseless pumps. Continuos motion of the pressure sections ensure continuos massage and subsequent blood circulation of the skin of the patient. The antidecubitus mattress prevents efficiently occurance of painful bedsores and ensures comfort corresponding to modern cure methods. The products have been approved by the National institute of medicament control Prague.

REO AMOS, spol. s r.o.

Provozni 5560/1b
722 00 Ostrava-Trebovice
Phone: (+420) 596 966 455
Fax: (+420) 596 966 460
E-mail: reoamos@reoamos.cz
Web: http://www.reoamos.cz
Contact person: Ing. Stanislav Boucek, Executive Director

REO AMOS is a manufacturer of products for prevention and average settlement (absorbent materials for aggressive liquids, containment booms and barriers, packaging and storage accessories and related equipment). The company is looking for U.S. importers and distributors.

EKO Morava

Dolni 100
796 01 Prostejov
Phone/Fax: (+420) 582 312 566
Fax: (+420) 582 809 566
Cell: (+420) 603 194 026
E-mail: ekomorava@cbox.cz
Web: http://www.cbox.cz/ekomorava
Contact person: Mr. Pavel Pavlik

EKO Morava is a manufacturer of specialized screened chambers designed for installation of instruments and equipment requiring protection against interfering electromagnetic influences as well as for reduction of electromagnetic field radiated into the neigbouring space, with the screening efficiency up to 100 dB in the frequency band of 150 kHz-1. The company is looking for customers in the U.S.

Anna-Moorbad SPA (Lazne-Belohrad)

Biskupsky dvur 8
110 00 Praha 1
Phone: (+420) 221 729 297
Cell: (+420) 606 738 574
Fax:  (+420) 221 729 299
E-mail: kotek@eupc.cz
Web: http://www.belohrad.cz
Contact person: Ing. Ivan Kotek

The spa specializes in treatment of patients with rheumatism, back problems, problems after accidents/injuries, post-orthopedic operations and burn injuries. It would like to attract new visitors from the U.S.

JOALIS s.r.o.

Na Florenci 19
110 00 Praha 1
Czech Republic
Cell: (+420) 602 694 288
E-mail: h.hughes@joalis.eu
Web: Http://www.joalis.cz
Contact person: Mrs. Hana Hughes – Project Manager

The company Joalis s.r.o. was founded in 1999. Ever since its establishment, it has been manufacturing and distributing globally unique natural remedies from the research work of Dr. Josef Jonas, the founder and promoter of modern natural health care trends.

The products are manufactured under a protected trademarks JOALIS, ABELIA and JOALIS-HELP. The main focus of our manufacturing process is the completely natural character of our products. The manufacturing process only consists of special manufacturing technologies, which gives our products their unique character and high level of effectiveness in prevention and treatment, particularly of chronic health problems.


ALTIS Kolín, s.r.o.

Ovcarecka 305
Kolin  280 02
Phone: (+420) 321 742 466
Fax: (+420) 321 723 440
E-mail: pelech.petr@altiskolin.cz
Web: www.altiskolin.cz
Contact person: Mr. Petr Pelech

Generally we are specialized in a production of healthy confectionery, GMO-free products sugar free confectionery and functional products (functional bars), mainly under private labels of our partners.

1. healthy bars concept
Protein bars
Energy bars (glucose, guarana,..)
MealReplacement or Diet bars
Children soya snack bars
but we can offer many other variants (L-carnitin, Creatin, Antioxidant, etc.)

2. diabetic and sugar-free products 
- chocolates 
- pastilles 
- bars 
- crunchy snacks
- bonboniéres

Walmark, a.s.

Oldrichovice 44, 739 61 Trinec
Phone: (+420) 558 301 341
Fax: (+420) 558 301 366
E-mail: sarka.kostkova@walmark.cz
Web: www.walmark.cz
Contact Person: Sarka Kostkova

Walmark, a.s. is a modern pharmaceutical company specializing in the manufacture and sale of nutritional supplements and pharmaceuticals. Thanks to extensive investment into technologies, control systems and employee knowledge, the company has one of the most modern pharmaceutical plants in the Czech Republic complying with the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standards and it holds a permit for the production and distribution of pharmaceuticals. Walmark´s portfolio includes more than 90 kinds of effective natural food supplements based at latest clinical researches. Today Walmark is one of the biggest producer of food supplements in the European Union, it has subsidiaries in 9 European countries (e. g. France, Poland etc.), export its products to other more than 35 countries of Europe, Asia and Africa and is still looking for distributors of its products worldwide.

Turnover: 2,68 bil. CZK ($121 million); number of employees: 1012; www.walmark.eu

Magneton a.s.

Hulinska 1799/1
766 01 Kromeriz
Phone: (+420) 573 922 208
E-mail: balada@magneton.cz
Web: www.hem.cz
Contact Person: Lukas Balada

MAGNETON, a factory for electromagnetic ignition, was founded in 1926. Our company, employing approx. 850 employees, is a Central European manufacturer of electrical appliance, device and tools. We are also expanding our operations into other commercial commodities as well in the kontext of these activities. The H.E.M. project is part of our diversification program and combines our experience in the field of electro-technology and production of single-purpose machine. Yet our company does not plan on becoming a manufacturer of ceramics or sanitary technology, but, in the kontext of the lectrical profession, its attempt to offer above-average equipment for urinals.

Hem, the hygienic equipment for men, in short HEM, is the new product which brings comfort and cleannes for all it´s users. Hem is an extensit of common urinals, it offer highly hygienic rinsing of intimate parts for men with warm water ray and sequent drying with warm air. Hem is based on the system of automatic sensor which eliminace contact with urinal. Nearering your hand to the symbol of water you active rinsing and to the symbol of dryer you active wiping. After stepping aside from the appliance the sensor starts total urinal rinsing. This hygienic appliance for men is able to be installed everywhere in place of normal urinals. Hem helps to satisfy men´s hygienic needs.

We search for stabile, strong and professional company who takes advantage of its experience and will be able to enforce this modern product on appropriate territory.

Leros, s.r.o.

U Národní Galerie 470
156 00 Praha 5 - Zbraslav
Phone: (+ 420) 257 898 280
Fax: (+ 420) 257 921 328
Cell: (+ 420) 602 449 093
E-mail: stastna@leros.cz
Web: http://www.leros.cz
Contact Person: Jana Stastna

LEROS, s.r.o is leading producer of herbs and herbal products for pharmacy in the Czech Republic.
Portfolio our products - medicinal tea blends, herbal teas for children, herbal teas, fruit and rooibos teas, green teas and BIO teas . We combined the latest pharmaceutical and medical knowledge with traditional recipes. The quality of products manufactured by LEROS is proven by their certification and are exported not only to Europe, but to the USA as well.
We are looking for new business partners.