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Investment Projects

Atrio CZ, s.r.o.

Planickova 5
162 00  Praha 6
Phoen: (+420) 235 361 403
Fax: (+420) 235 366 327
Cell: (+420) 602 240 866
E-mail: tomess@atriocz.cz
Web: http://atriocz.cz
Contact person: Mr. Svatopluk Tomes

Atrio CZ is a real estate developer company. It is looking for potential buyers for one of its estates – a four star hotel in the heart of the beautiful historical town of Cesky Krumlov. The hotel has 66 rooms and suites, cafeteria, restaurant and wine cellar, business center, and garden restaurant. More info: http://www.hotelvienna-acquisition.cz, http://www.hmv.cz.

RESTAP, s.r.o.

Brezinova 1650
25 101 Ricany
Phone: (+420) 323 603 608
Fax: (+420) 323 603 426
E-mail: restap@ri.ipex.cz
Web: http://www.restap.cz/
Contact Persons: Ing. Pavel Kral, E-mail: pkral@restap.cz, Phone: (+420) 602 641 921
MUDr. Katerina Ciharova, E-mail: Katerina.Ciharova@mzcr.cz   

RESTAP, s.r.o. is looking for sponsorship concerning a project for a special center for senior citizens which would provide services on both social and medical levels. The center would offer several types of senior housing:

1. Independent apartment units for seniors who only need limited ambulatory assistance
2. Units for seniors who can partially take care of themselves but need a personal assistant
3. Units for immobile seniors who need full-time assistance

The center would also provide day care services for elderly people who want to spend time with friends of the same age group and assistance service for families who take care of an elderly person and need a limited time off.

Medical services would include non-stop availibility of a trained physician and nursing staff, physiotherapist and psychotherapist, medical examination, personal assistance, etc.

Amenities would include entertainment and recreation center, canteen, various services (hair dresser, laundry facility, convenience store, library, etc.)


Komenskeho 902
399 01 Milevsko
Phone: (+420) 382 522 296
Cell: (+420) 603 832 487
E-mail: zdenek.vaclena@seznam.cz
Contact Person: Mr. Zdenek Vaclena
Czech company is seeking investment of 1,5 Million USD into a water bottling & packaging manufacturing plant. Underground water & technology for bottling process provided by the company.

CTP Invest, spol. s r.o.

CTPark Humpolec
396 01 Humpolec
Phone: (+420) 565 535 565
Fax: (+420) 565 533 501
Web: http://www.ctpinvest.cz
Contact person: Mr. Remon Vos, Executive Director

CTP Invest specializes in development of industrial properties. The company would like to offer their services to U.S. firms who plan to invest in the Czech Republic.